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More Reaction to RJR advertisement

1) Tom Johnston (

As an abductee and a member of mensa, I find your idea of a lawsuit to be intriguing. At this time I would not be willing or able to come forward to testify in your lawsuit as the time constraints of work and other responsibilities precludes me from taking the time necessary to see this through.

I would not consider your wanting to take this lawsuit on as ambulance chasing. I see it as a shrewd way to legitimize your lawsuits against the DOD. If you can establish a legal precedent that says that we are being visited by extra-terrestrials it would give you a leg up on the DOD's claims that these things are not happening. What would be especially helpful would be some of the abductees that state that there were US military personnel involved in their abductions.

My hat is off to you, Peter. Good luck with your endeavors.

2) Elaine Mathews ( writes to RJR:

The Winston cigarette ads you are displaying in Seattle and Fort Worth stating that UFO abductees are the dumbest people on earth is appalling insensitive. Obviously your research personnel did not do their homework on the subject but just made up the ad from their own ill-informed ignorance and arrogant assumption that UFO abductees are stupid.

It is very apparent that it is the research personnel, the advertising management and the corporate executives, all of whom must have approved the ad, who are the dumbest people in the world. I would also certainly add that smokers belong on the list of dumbest people in the world. Whereas, some of the smartest people I have ever read about or met personally are UFO abductees.

Your ad makes me see red when I think of the terror, agony, trauma, frustration and social ridicule that most abductees suffer. How dare you! You deserve to have a lawsuit brought against you and I am sure any abductees who might participate in the suit will win!

Evil people are always dumb. And you are very evil because you claim that your cigarettes are safe when in fact they contain carcinogenics like formaldehyde, arsenic, cadmium and ammonia!

3) Dr. Bruce Cornet ( writes to RJR:

Thanks for slapping me in the face with your recent ad. I guess I needed that after getting a B.A., M.S., and Ph.D. It helped snap me back to reality.... Back in 1981 I formed my own oil company, Geminoil, Inc. We explored for oil in your back yard near Richmond. Remember? I briefly met you. We even got you to lease us some of your land during those wildcatting days - right before the oil industry took an OPEC-induced dive. Then the Wood Lake housing development ruined any attempts to develop the huge oil field we discovered underneath Wood Lake. Now, I call those developers dumb, because they were informed while they still had a chance to let us confirm the discovery with a second well. Due to poor judgment that well was never drilled. And your land, as I recall, was very close to and possibly within our estimated margins of that oil field. Hmmmm.......

It was during the drilling of the Bailey No. 1 well that I was abducted at night right in front of my whole drill crew, who watched a disc-shaped UFO with multicolored lights hover over the adjacent field. My crew saw a beam of light projected down onto the mudlogging trailer, and then found me missing. The date was 1 October 1981. Amazing that! So, now because I don't smoke you think that makes me dumb? Hmmmmm.......

4) P.P. writes:

Well, the fucking tobacco industry better put out a contract on my ass! That did it. I am pissed off.


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