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Secrecy Justified?

Forest ( writes:

Aloha Peter. A friend sent me your website and I looked it over and read your opening statement regarding secrecy and had a comment to make regarding that. It seems to me that all humanity is evolving intelligence and that perhaps (most likely) there is an alien connection in our evolution Tim Leary said aliens are us in the future. In any event I would like to explain why I feel secrecy may be useful at times.

It seems to me that we as individual humans are all at different stages of awareness and intelligence and wisdom regarding how the Universe operates. Therefore there may always exist some mystery or "secrets" as to what it really is. For highly intelligent and wise individuals to share their "secrets" with the general public could have dangerous results. The big brother in society is probably no more than a checks and balances for sharing knowledge and wisdom within a predominantly male dominant hierarchical power structure which is good to a degree but may also have limitations. It seems we are not a species already to be given access to highly dangerous technology. Imagine what might happen if suitcase nuclear bombs were available at Walmart to anyone. The same apples to UFO technology, it most likely would be very dangerous in some people's hands. I'm not saying the government is wise enough to hold this knowledge either, but for the general public to have it seems even more dangerous.

I suspect that this UFO technology and other such mysterious secrets are available freely to anyone who rises in consciousness and wisdom to a level that is responsible enough to know what to do with it. I personally do not feel all humanity is ready at the exact same time so it may be appropriate to disseminate the info slowly and somewhat secretly to those individuals who are more wise and able to deal with the incredible power and energies involved. It seems natural that there will always be secrets or mysteries beyond our current situation to figure out and that we will always be given those secrets provided our intentions and wisdom have progressed to a level according to the level of the mystery. Therefore it may be wise to search out how to advance consciously and wisely thru spiritual disciplines etc. to develop our consciousness to a level that will draw the answers to the secrets of the Universe we do not have yet. It seems likely that this has been the way things have been going for thousands of years on Earth and in the Universe. I do believe that someday the whole human species may all be ready at the same time for all the UFO info being held secret, but the worlds eco-problems are a good example of how we are not even conscious or wise enough to clean up our act on Earth let alone space. So i suggest being patient with the aliens and work/play at spiritual disciplines and when we are ready we will be given all the secrets of the Universe. Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth on secrets in humanity......happy day.......forest for earth relief


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