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Katharina Wilson - In Suupport of CAUS

Katharina Wilson ( writes:

Dear Friends:

I know we have all had our differences about how to release and judge information coming from abductees. However, I hope we all agree that it is time to take the evidence we have been accumulating over the years to those who can best represent our interests in a court of law.

In the latest issue of "UFO" magazine (Vol. 14, No.8, 1999), Peter Gersten is requesting evidence from the UFO community. For experiencers / abductees and those who have been working with us, we need to be concerned with the following:

"...CAUS now finds itself in the unenviable position of having to prove the existence of both the triangular UFOs and alien abductions, in order to reasonably argue that if both exist, then these agencies [CIA, DoD, and FBI] must have the information CAUS seeks....

"To prove anything in a court of law, one needs evidence. Relevant and admissible evidence - the same type of evidence necessary to obtain a conviction in a criminal case or a judgement in a civil case. *** This evidence takes the form of eyewitness and expert testimony and physical exhibits - photos, videos, and even possibly scientific reports ***...

"CAUS needs your help in gathering this evidence..."

I am writing to urge everyone who has any artifacts from their own experiences or from another abductee, or has given any evidence to a researcher, to consider participating in this law suit. Contact your doctor, researcher, hypnotherapist - whomever you shared with or gave your information to. Please ask them to participate as well.


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