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NASA & Barnum and Bailey Circus

Alan ( writes:

Doesn't it also seem odd that whenever NASA's space craft gets near a moon or planet that could possibly support life, or when the craft gets near the Cydonia area of Mars, somehow very conveniently, (like today) they always loose contact with it in some way or another? It's just too much of a coincidence, that this keeps happening EVERY time! They always build in, many types of "fail safe" components, so how could it go wrong "only when near INTERESTING areas? And now, I can't watch the NASA channel "live," they always have it on tape, that they show the public. One time, years ago, about in 1991, I was watching the NASA channel on my satellite dish and I heard an astronaut say something about "Barnum and Bailey Circus" I had no idea what that meant, especially when they were in space, but it stayed with me until I read a book by Jacques Vallee, it stated that the astronauts had a code that they would say "Barnum and Bailey Circus" if they saw anything like a UFO. (So don't think that the astronauts are "Lilly white" on the subject of UFO's they know more than you think.) After that, then that book explained it to me. I have never heard that since, either. I guess they also just black out all sounds now, that they don't want the public to hear. Nowadays, the NASA channel is very, very dull to watch! I just don't think it's fair for the citizens of this great United States to pay NASA's way, then NASA turns around and conspires to regulate what they want or don't want the public to see or hear. About what they are doing. Something's rotten in Denmark! i.e.: The Kennedy Space Center!


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