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Tony Cooper ( writes:

Govts. keep secrets about UFO's from people. Ufologists keep secrets from people.

Eventually the people will rebel and the 'secret-holders' will return to the rubble from whence they came.

I, and millions of others are tired of supporting (including financially) those who suffer from compulsive control and do so by withholding vital information.

I paid good money for the SF conference 9/4/99, only to be told (as were all of us) that 'well I can't tell you about that,' or, 'I can't tell you who said that.' Then to top it off the Gordon Cooper interview was shown IN SECRET to the elite!

Don't you see this elite is dramatizing the very same human syndrome that the world power-mongers are doing. I wouldn't blame them if the aliens who try to give us data zoomed off with a collective 'Oy Veh'.

The strongest glue in the Universe is mystery. This keeps people paying to hear ufologists, hoping to hear something ... but no it's just more secrets.

Add up the number of things Bob Dean says ... zero. He keeps reiterating he cannot tell us what he knows.

Art Bell and Whitley Strieber are publishing a book about a coming storm ... They don't give us details so we can prepare ... they make us wait until December then BUY the book ... how disingenuous can one get.

If one was genuinely compelled to maintain a secret, OK, so just don't say ANYTHING. Why say I have a secret but I can't tell you ... that just glues people and then they buy newsletters (which I know are very informative) but in which the SECRET is never revealed.


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