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National MUFON - Forty Years of Impotence

1) Larry W. Bryant ( writes to a MUFON Board member:

Don't you, Dan Wright and Tom Deuley, find it curious that, although the 1999 MUFON Symposium focused most of its proceedings on abductionology (done so at the risk of being pooh-poohed by the cynical Washington-based news media), you and (how many?) other MUFON Board members feel it's too risky for me to market the reality of the abduction phenomenon and the Flying Triangle incursions within a public forum called a circuit court?

Doesn't your stance here conjure up the image of the "naked emperor": after some 40 years of having the emperor (i.e., organized UFOlogy) clothed in the trappings of scientific respectability and credentials-laden authority, along comes heretical, loose-cannon Larry W. Bryant with the gall to point his (index) finger at the still-naked emperor?

And: do you and John Schuessler not find it equally curious and ironic (and paradoxical) that John freely can produce and market a quasi-abduction story (the Cash-Landrum incident) without having to relinquish (or downplay) his identity as a Board member -- and without having to endure snipes upon his competence, motivation, or character by the other Board members?

This selectivity of support/tolerance serves to unbecome the Board, to undermine the egalitarian spirit of such a public-interest organization, and to deny to its members an equal, fair playing field in the marketplace of ideas.

But I do appreciate the relative civility by which you (finally) have engaged me directly on this issue.

I'm sure, by now, that all three of you have the patience to endure another 40 years of UFO conferences, testimonial books/tapes, field-data collection, and organizational infighting -- all the while trying to hang onto whatever elitist rung of the UFOlogy hierarchy ladder that might present itself. That pursuit of elitism (however unwitting) may well constitute a key reason for MUFON's continuing loss of members.

Mois? I figure I have only about 10 more productive years toward combating the "government cover-up of the UFO experience" (to quote the subtitle of a book co-authored by two then-MUFONites in 1984). During that time, I shall proceed with or without the Board's full support/endorsement, ever mindful that every time a MUFON member chooses to add his/her signature to that petition posted on the website of http://www.petition/, I shall accept that as a growing vote of confidence from the MUFON rank-and-file.

In this regard, I ask that all the Board members who sympathize with my position in this matter proceed to that website and add your signatures. In doing so, you will have opted for a renewed opportunity to confront the principal Naked Emperor in this saga (the government's UFO policymakers). And in the process, you will have said no to the tendency of elitism to overshadow the good work and promise of MUFON.

2) S.J. Santa ( writes:

Mr. Wright:

WHY, WHY, WHY is it so WRONG to do what Mr. Bryant is trying to do? Your only reason I can see is that, once again, MUFON is hiding behind some agenda other than trying to evoke a response from our elected officials.......Of course we don't have the nuts and bolts proof, at least we as in the public, but what "we" have done for the past 4 decades or so hasn't done us any good, so what's the big deal about trying something new?

What are YOUR proposals, that might elicit some REAL attention from government? What has MUFON done lately other than squabble and "reorganize" the MUFON magazine? I've been a MUFON associate for 17 years, and have yet to see anything but a lot of infighting and loss of direction or objective from the board of directors. No wonder MUFON membership is declining.......

I'd like to see what could be accomplished if the "pathfinders" of Ufology acted in's a wonder we know anything at all!

3) Craig Lang ( writes:

I appreciate your views on the UFO topic. Please be assured that I have tremendous respect both for you, and for your work.

We have several times discussed the differences between CAUS and MUFON. I would like to request, however, that you reduce your criticism of other UFO organizations, specifically MUFON. In my view, such criticism, only decreases the effectiveness of the UFO community.

MUFON is a grass roots organization. It is composed of folks like myself, who conduct UFO studies - largely as an avocation on evenings and weekends. We all do the best we can with the limited resources we have. We have different methodologies than you do - principally a focus on scientific research into the UFO phenomenon, rather than legal advocacy.

I understand that we have different focus, methods and approaches to UFOlogy. However, the (UFOlogical) body has many arms, each contributing to the welfare of the body. No arm is more or less important than any other. As such, if you wish to describe us as "impotent," you are entitled to your own opinion. However, please be aware that in my own eyes, and probably in the eyes of many others, it only affects the collective way in which CAUS is viewed, not MUFON.

Please consider these words, and lets work together toward a common goal, the understanding of UFO/CE4 phenomenon.

4) Jerry Burgess ( writes:

I am a member of MUFON and I agree with the article 100%... The MUFON hierarchy is staffed with tired old men wanting to maintain the status quo. The organization needs some new blood among the leadership. Individuals more interested in finding answers than perpetuating their own position and beliefs.

In many ways MUFON has became as-bad-as the government in keeping information from its general membership...Think not? All you need do is look the MUFON monthly journal. The editorial staff dances around the real news and rehashes old worn out sightings. It gives large portions of its pages to ridiculous or irrelevant theory that gain about much as debating how many angels can stand on the head of a pin.

The organization need to be revitalized and recommitted to investigation and disseminating information to its general membership as well as the public at large. It needs to take an active roll in tearing down the wall of government secrecy. Its high time for MUFON directors to climb down from their throne's and start to wrestle the monster where he lives. Or I fear they too will become as extinct as the dinosaur...

Thank god for our Fearless Leader. If it were not for Peter filling the void with CAUS the average person would have no source for unmanaged UFO news... George Filer also deserves a vote of thanks by going public with his web page... No doubt this caused some of his colleagues at MUFON a case of apoplexy... Unlike MUFON a letter to George or Peter will get the average person an answer. Just try to communicate with MUFON...No one is ever on the other end of the line, it an exercise in futility...This is exactly why I am aiming my comments to CAUS instead of MUFON...


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