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Blue Alien ( writes:

The Grey race of aliens allegedly made "official" contact with our government sometime in the 1930s, but it wasn't until 1947 that "confirmed" contact with the US was made.

After the crash at Roswell the U.S., the USSR and Britain became allies (contrary to the cold war diversion scenario). The Roswell incident initiated an urgency to develop a weapons system capable of defending the Earth. The United States and Russia considered the possibility of the Greys being a threat to our security. Agreements were made with the secret government and elite societies to underground installations so the aliens could carry on with their yet unknown agenda. All this time the elite were very busy trying to construct a weapons system.

From the 1800s through the 1900s and to this present time the Greys were conducting experiments and mutilating human beings and cattle. The NSA which was created in the 50's became aware of this situation. Since then the United States government prepared itself for ongoing contact with this extraterrestrial race. A select politically structured body, created secretly by the US Government, was designed to deal with the alien presence. The military saw this as a great opportunity to gain weapons technology from the aliens. Selling us out was no big deal. This political structure was mainly the NSA, the National Security Agency created for contact and study of the aliens and not "our" security.

As previously written, the US government made a "formal" agreement at the Holliman AFB (I think the year was 1954 in May sometime) with the Alien Grey race. Terms were exchange of technology for the abduction, study and experimentation of Americans. This single act of "signing a contract" with an extraterrestrial race was the MOST significant act in human history because it pushed us into a direction we were never intended to go in the first place and it placed us in the position of being victims to an alien race; branded cattle.

Corporations that are currently assisting the aliens and the secret government are traitors to the American people. The NSA is exempt from all laws in the United States unless the NSA itself is specifically mentioned in any creation of any law. This is due to its interactions with the Greys and it is outside the civil rights and Constitutional rights of the American people...rights which are rapidly disappearing. The Greys agenda is to enslave the human race, hybrid with humans and eventually eliminate the current species.

Many people who have been implanted with devices by the Greys are not aware that they are part of this agenda. The aliens monitor the abductees which are implanted and generations of family members are selected for implantation & control. The Greys are currently telling many abductees that they here to assist us in our technological and spiritual growth. Many abductees are bonding with their abductors. It easy and convincing to give in to a power allegedly technologically and spiritually advanced.

Currently about 82% of polled Americans believe that an advanced race of aliens must be benevolent because of their higher evolutionary status. The Greys also contend they are the genetic engineers of the human race. The Greys know that few people really want to accept responsibility for their own evolution. It is much easier for them to be told what to do, than realize they are in a very dangerous and/or helpless situation. The elite power structure and secret government that are selling us out are worse than their "space brothers." They are traitors of humanity.

Many email me in disagreement. I respect all opinions. But the bottom line is: eventual extinction by a malevolent race of Grey bug-eyed emotionless INTRUDERS. Keep your eyes to the sky.



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