A New Slant on Abductions

Source: Tom Sutter ( htm

Nobody seems to know "why" advanced peoples abduct human's. I'll tell you straight, it is because we are not advanced. When we are we will do to ourselves as "they" are doing with abductee's. As with the crop formations, there is a VERY valid reason behind abductions. I strongly suspect that clandestine government agencies already know the rational behind alien abductions. THAT'S the MAIN reason I choose not to publish my book. The crop drawings might have gone by the suppressors, but THIS never would. When I queried myself about "why do you guys abduct people"? - I received this response; Advanced peoples do not send their children to schools as we do. There is an amount of home tutoring centered around proper behavior and manners and speech. BUT,,, the greatest majority of the education process is carried out via injecting cerebral matter derived from their most knowledgeable members (also cloned & grown), into the brain cavities of their young where it assimilates with the surrounding tissues & thus passes on the knowledge as it assimilates. Beats going to schools a million times over. BUT,,, There's a catch. The DNA codex ABSOLUTLY MUST be a VERY close match for this process to work. An educated father or mother or brother or sister could pass their knowledge/skills unto the members of their family without much effort but it would be much more difficult for anyone not related to do so. The relationship between the donor & the recipient MUST be a close one. AND THAT IS WHAT ABDUCTIONS ARE ALL ABOUT. It is just another way of introducing themselves to us. They realize that it must appear bizarre to those who do not understand it, that's why they attempt to erase any memory of it from those whom they abduct. They realize that if it does produce results on that individual, that, that individual will understand it and concur with its benefits. To those to whom it does not work, the memory is erased & that person is meant to carry on with his/her life as if the process never occurred. That's why abductee's have noted "half-breeds" during abductions. Those half-breeds, when educated will become the donors to future abductee's. That's why "locators" have been found in the bodies of abductee's who bear "scoop marks" above a bone. (Bone is best source of DNA in the body) When compatible "educated" cerebral matter is obtained, they will return to that abductee & inject it. Note that such abductee's are always young when that scoop mark is made. This type of "educating" will not work on an older person.



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