Lights Little Lessons

Source: Susan Gordon

I sat staring at the five-figure budget and production schedule I was working on for yet another retail catalogue.  I was alone in the office, with a candle burning silently on a corner of my desk, and the perpetual drone of traffic outside pervading the stillness around me.  In one stark moment, things changed.  I put down the pen.

Looking up, I surveyed the purple faux-marble walls and hand-finished checkerboard hardwood floor we were so proud of.  Stuffed gloves climbed over gold picture frames and along with other artsy film and photographic memorabilia filled up the eclectic creative space my partner and I had practically lived in for the past year and a half.  That was soon to end, and the end started right now.

First came the realization that I had spent much of my career condoning, producing advertising for, and living the life of "conspicuous consumerism".  What was worse, the print material, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, was printed on non-recyclable glossy papers with toxic inks.  Most were ultimately tossed in the garbage by consumers with hardly a second glance anyhow.  That did it.  I could not, in good conscience, continue to make my living in such a way.

"This is about clearing, people", came the transmitted message, little more than a month after we agreed to shut down our agency, and a mere three months after my revelation.  It was one of those sessions, which had come with increasing frequency over the past year, where I'd been instructed telepathically to pick up a pen and start writing.  This was the second with a strong environmental message.  It was August of 1990, a beautiful month to be in Vancouver, British Columbia. By this time, "they" were in my presence constantly, suggesting and directing an entirely different future than the one I'd initially planned out.

Z'hara and Sha'mor were extremely tall, oddly blue-skinned with stunning gold eyes and athletic physiques.  They had been my guides, instructors and links to a "Council of Elders", to whom I was introduced on one specific occassion while in deep meditation.  I did not know who the seven-page speech I slammed out that day was directed at.  It appeared to be for all mankind, yet, who was I to speak of such profound subject matter, let alone that it came from an extraterrestrial source, and what exactly was I supposed to do with it?  Nevertheless, I concentrated on the incoming telepathic material and scribbled it down as quickly and legibly as I could for they weren't inclined to ever repeat anything.

THE PLANET EARTH IS IN BIG TROUBLE!  Well, O.K.  That's not really news.  Many people all over the earth know that and have been working towards environmental and conservation efforts for many years.  Why would we need extraterrestrial beings to bring us any more bad news?  Pollution and abuse of natural resources have eaten away at GAIA for quite some time...the only difference is we're finally realizing just how bad it is and how close we are to having inflicted permanent damage.  What hasn't been fully integrated into the human system, is just how intricately our biological make-up relates to that of the planet's, with particular emphasis on the Central Nervous System (CNS).  In short, the overall condition of the human CNS, worldwide, is an exacting mirror of the parallel system of a very fragile mix of life-sustaining elements that support our species as a whole. If the human condition is toxic, so is that of Earth and vice-versa.

Earth stands isolated in a planetary federation, according to my ET teachers.  Should we not raise our consciousness with clear, healthy nervous systems, then neither we, nor the planet will be able to sustain life as we know it today.  The environment will continue to deteriorate, as it has done so dramatically with the advent of greenhouse gases and global warming, and we will not survive as a species.  On the other hand, and one my guides were much more optimistic about, is that when the proper messages are distributed and understood, people will take responsibility for themselves, and not only will they and the Earth prosper, but our lovely blue globe would then be accepted into the Federation of Planets and become part of a Universal Cooperative consisting of many other peaceful, benevolent beings.

Alright, I was getting this.  I still wondered who was out there that would accept the fact that I was getting this information from an extraterrestrial race, for I'd had no prior interest in UFOs, ETs, science fiction or anything like it.  In fact, real science was my hobby as a kid, and a microscope was one of my favorite "toys".  Here I was though, in a sort of ET kindergarten.  Awed at the newfound responsibility (they did ask if I would accept a responsibility for something big...but didn't specify what it was exactly), I voiced my concerns to a friend, a jewelry designer from New York.  She suggested I contact a well-known channeller in Arizona, Bob Short.

I'd had training in meditation and psychic healing that seemed to initiate the ET contacts.  In the process, I was instructed to switch from a semi-vegetarian diet to strict macrobiotic to help "clear the system" even more.  By the time Bob and I spoke, I was apparently ready for Stage Two, and it was suggested that I attend an upcoming UFO conference in Phoenix.  I left Vancouver on a sunny September day in 1990, environmental/ET speech in one hand and a list of conference speakers addressing what appeared to be some very bizarre topics in the other.

I'd dyed a pair of cowboy boots bright turquoise and painted my jeans gold just for the Southwest.  The fashion-advertising syndrome had not left me completely yet!  Upon arriving in Phoenix, I slipped self-consciously into the press conference and proceeded to meet actual UFO investigators for the very first time.  As it turned out, one of the speakers had not been able to make it, and in that moment I realized what I was doing with a ready-made presentation.


Ten years and living the real-life "X-Files" later, it's time to leave the "I" out of this story and proceed to the real heart of the matter.  It was urgent then and it's even more urgent now.  We've all watched the accelerated rise of high-technology and subsequent decline of morals, behavior, mental health, education, hope, etc.  If Rudolf Steiner, from his 1918 lectures, was correct in saying "if the central nervous system has been irreparably damaged, then the human will be unreceptive to soul vision", we are seriously in trouble.  Vision of the soul is what shapes our culture, our future, our evolution as human beings.  As much of what evolves in the sense of what is obvious to us, so our internal processes must evolve as well.  We are at such a critical point in time, where the chemical and electrical reactions that produce our thoughts and emotions are changing at a vigorous pace.  Youth in particular, are at high risk in the etheric battle that is taking place for the human mind.

Make no mistake, there IS a battle going on.  Human free will is at stake, and in many cases has already been lost to entities who oppose the impending spiritual/physical evolution.  For what we consider spiritual, is identifiable with empirical data, a fact that is critical to making a public case for this stage of human development.  Ask any enlightened neuroscientist or molecular psychiatrist about the alarming and rapid changes in mental health statistics.  Remember, our CNS mirrors that of the planet's.  Look at a satellite photo of our dendritic rivers and streams.  Look closely at a plant leaf, a chart of the human CNS, and the structure and function of a cell.  "Know thyself" means just that - literally.

So what or who is the enemy?  Why wouldn't something or someone want humans to evolve out of our isolated little place in the great scheme of things?  Humans, for one thing, have a tendency to resist change and become instantly defensive and reactive should a sudden shift in reality occur.  In keeping with the Universal Law of Free Will, where no being can force another into a particular mode of thinking or behavior, our benevolent ET cousins can only watch and wait for humans to recognize their existence and consciously request assistance in resisting those who hate the fact that we have free will in the first place.  The ones who would just as soon keep us in the dark for their own use.

There has been a well-ordered plan to defer humans from the path to complete spiritual freedom.  That freedom would allow for such high standards of morals and wisdom that self-government would become a total reality.  We would each stand on our own two feet within the miracle of a Universal Democracy.  Unfortunately, malevolent beings have found the route to destroying free will in humans, and it happens everyday while we sadly watch families torn apart and individual lives ruined everywhere.

What a malicious thing, to consistently break such a clear and concise law, for nothing more than selfish reasons.  Then, to twist glaring logic so dramatically as to make unsuspecting humans think they are having a great time, doing wonderful things, being "free", while all the time they are in fact, destroying any opportunity for the very peace, happiness and prosperity that is so desired, and so much the right of every person on Earth.

Steiner calls them "Luciferic beings".  They may be the "grays".  Whatever they are, they have infested our time-space continuum, and they have found a very easy way to get in.  Many people blame the United States government for covering up the truth about UFOs, but the problem is much bigger than that.  The government is made up of humans who are just like the rest of the population, many of whom have had their free will tampered with as well.  Governments outside of the U.S. are in the same boat.  Once the CNS has been damaged, these entities are free to have their way with the thwarted human.  They are in control however they may see fit.  Believe it or not, this is still a winnable battle.  We are however, creeping closer to the proverbial midnight hour far too quickly.

The combination of sciences necessary to explaining telepathy, mass hallucination, holographic imagery, recombinant DNA, superconducting physics, and everything else that makes up the UFO/ET community are beyond the scope of most human understanding.  All of which makes it that much easier to keep large quantities of the population contained in an automaton-like state.  "Don't understand, don't want to know, got too many other problems to deal with" is the pervading atmosphere outside of die-hard ufologists and fans.  Yet, as we are well aware, more than half the population believes in aliens, angels, and the fact that we are being visited by beings from other planets.  The urgency is to quickly move away from constrained parameters of belief systems, and into practical action based on what we know is battering the fabric of human existence.

After ten years of watching and studying the extraterrestrial messages, UFO investigations and investigators, as well as current affairs and sociology of the general public worldwide, it has become apparent that the predicted "earth changes" are just as much, if not more so, "mind changes", both mirroring and causing environmental conditions.  Anyone who has been able to maintain complete sanity and a peaceful, low stress environment of their own is a rare entity these days.  You don't have to look far to find someone with anger-management issues, stress or chemical related illness, children in trouble, and/or full-blown substance addiction and severe mental illness.  This is not normal!  This is not the "light and liberty" referred to by Thomas Jefferson.  Insanity seems to have gone universal, as no group anywhere on the planet today appears to be exempt, and there are far too many of us incarnate at this time to avoid the consequences.  Mind states are both genetic and contagious.

There is no strong emergent leadership apparent on the globe right now.  There are politically active, righteous players on the global scene, but their actions seem to be downplayed by the media's thirst for more violent and newsworthy episodes.  So we have to wonder where the real answers for all humanity combined are going to come from.  Any third-dimensional idea will instantly divide one group, country, religion or race from another.  Once divisive arguments occur, progress tends to grind to a halt, or certainly incurs delays.  The only obvious answer is for a completely new and non-human intervening body. They have been watching, and they have spoken.

It is all about responsibility and clearing.  Clear thinking opens the path to higher consciousness and an awareness of one's true place in the cosmic scheme.  Not too long ago, the medical profession concurred that once neurons - brain cells - were damaged or destroyed, there was no chance to repair the brain or restore it to full function.  What can cause permanent damage to the brain?  For one thing, any chemical or signal that crosses the sensitive "blood-brain barrier", a protective cell membrane that keeps substances from disrupting normal neurotransmission.  What a great way to keep human beings separated from their free will without them even being aware of it!  Subtly destroy the will by permeating the very essence of mind and soul at the sub-molecular level.  You can do it chemically, and you can do it electronically.  The frightening part of this kind of battle is that there may be no obvious weaponry.  It isn't exactly hand-to-hand combat.  Nobody needs to be pointing a gun in your face, yet piece by piece, you and your planet can be taken apart for the purposes of greed and power.

If even half the population of the planet took responsibility for themselves and their mind-earth connection, then the critical mass effect would take place and we would see a rapid return to peace and sanity.  It's disconcerting though, this subtle battle, because the answers can almost seem too simple, and too direct to be so profoundly effectual.  It's too quiet.  No bombs need be dropped, no automatic weapons retorting, and certainly no orders barked out by generals and field commanders.  Just awareness by each and every individual that the state of mind is the saviour of the future of humanity.  Here we offer you LIGHT, and with it, the true liberty sought by all.

Light is the foundation of all carbon-based life on this planet.  It has recently been found (Popp, Nagl et al) that DNA produces light, which is then amplified by structures in the cell wall.  Light has been determined to regenerate damaged neurons, balance the autonomic nervous system, eliminate depression, and restore imbalances in the circadian rhythm, which has also been found to be symptomatic of bi-polar depression (Mayeda & Nurnberger).  Plants die for lack of light, and humans experience a wide variety of illness when the system no longer absorbs a particular wavelength of light.  "Malillumination" (Dr. Jacob Liberman, 1990) has been coined as the term for a human's deficiency in spectral absorption.  It is the material the founding fathers of the United States based their hope for the future on.  They knew of its value, its true nature, and the ability of light to create a stable, wise and advanceable human intellect.  Its properties extend well beyond that of the physical body.  How many times have you heard of a healing by extraterrestrials where light was the principle medium?  The 400-700 nanometer range of the electromagnetic spectrum is us.  It is our planet.  It is everything that we are.  It is our weapon against the darkness.

Sometimes the most difficult time to break through human consciousness with a new idea is when it is in a crisis state.  It is those times when the rest of us feel most helpless, upon watching a mate, a friend, or a child experience the ravages of mental and physical deterioration for any number of reasons.  What if it were to become widely known that the majority of the world's problems hung precariously on such mental states, which happen to be largely affected by entities who hover just outside of our visible spectrum?  Perhaps instead of being heavily medicated and cut off from the spiritual world, the fragile neuronal imbalances and invasions of the blood brain barrier could be restored by a gentle infusion of photonic energy thereby igniting the light of free will and putting the person back en rapport with their soul vision.  A great peace is found here, as it is above and beyond the realm of darker entitites.  Verbiage and empathic stress tend to complicate matters when people are in the critical state, making the argument for light therapy even more powerful in it's capacity for non-invasive and completely non-judgemental healing.

It is a brave new world, this application of energy medicine.  Most medical professionals are gradually understanding the specific principles of how it actually works with the biological system.  Stanford, Jefferson, and other major universities have light research laboratories, and the Europeans hve advanced new biology significantly in support of photonic medicine.  Very few have correlated anomalous neurophysiology with the advent of control by various entities, although those people do exist, even amongst professional practitioners.  There is no time however, to wait until the entire allopathic medical field is in full acceptance of light's therapeutic benefits because we are in such a tight race for the human mind and will.  Take it as a challenge and a call to action.  Everyone who is interested in a new Universal Policy of Cooperation and Interaction may learn and take part in the processes that are necessary for Earth's return to a Federation of Planets.  Everyone who uses LIGHT to its fullest capacity will find themselves changed for the better, with effects that extend to every single living being who comes into contact with them.  How could we, as a species with the will to live and prosper, ignore the teachings of Plato, Bacon, Jefferson, and others like them, and not make use of the mystical keys of the Holy Grail?

We have the technology to prove what the ancient masters were trying to tell us.  There is a unity of human spirit that has the ability to rise above anything, anywhere, that might attempt to keep us in darkness.  It takes conscious effort and crystal clear thinking, and accepting the responsibility of ensuring that our own minds are functioning at their highest level.  Then just watch.  Watch the destroyers of the planet change.  Watch the environment change.  Watch with great delight and satisfaction while a Universal sanity returns and we can all go back to our homes with a smile, a feeling of wholeness and peace, knowing that yes, we really did SAVE THE PLANET.

Susan Gordon
October 2000



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