Government Disclosure is Dangerous

Source: D. Hinchey (

Not only is a government acknowledged UFO phenomena apparently dangerous to our civilization, but it is also dangerous to "aliens" and their "human supporters." Such disclosure would not happen under present "liberal political correctness" because liberal government, as it now exists, would be proven wrong in it's approach to society, it would never be able to engineer our American culture into a defenseless,gunless society. In other words there would be a new "frontier," and gun sales would rocket.

We would become a nation of people bent on defending ourselves using the best individuated tools we have, manufactured by Colt, Smith & Wesson and Ruger. Therefore governmental UFO disclosure is a false hope indeed until we elect a president like populist Jesse Ventura, a former Navy Seal. That is the direction that we should be working in, the raising of awareness is only a part of what we should be doing. We are not a nation which is not at risk and in this case the government will never acknowledge the situation, as long as self help is the only available remedy for each American citizen.

At this point we can't even call "ghost busters" for help. Disclosure from government can only happen if there is a way we can gain a  large scale upper hand in our own world. That is what the governments black budget, beyond top secret projects are all about, and we obviously have not hit pay dirt on that yet. Why else would we have Area 51, Montauk, HARP, and the anti-biohazard national spray campaigns? If you want to help yourselves, get some guns and train yourself how to use them within current laws, before they are banned altogether.



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