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Message Behind RJR Tobacco Ad

1) Brent Hale (BWH70@HPNC.COM) writes:

I have just listened to you on Art Bell, and I am intrigued by the "infamous" advertisement concerning alien abductees. I would like to explain in a logical way why this ad has appeared and what it's message is.

I'll start off by saying I sincerely believe that UFOs exist. I have personally seen one way back in elementary school and remember the whole sighting like I know the back of my hand. The only thing is, I can't remember the date exactly, but I can say it was pretty close to me entering Junior High (Like, 5th grade, I think), and I believe alien abductions occur, and they are real.

With that out of the way, here's my opinion, logically put:

Some background: Recall when UFOs were so big during the '50s and '60s and how the Government was flooded with reports and how UFOs were pretty much in the mainstream during the '70s? I even remember the short-lived "Project: Blue Book" show which remains one of my all-time favorite shows. Anyways, the Government felt something had to be done about this. So, in the good ol' classic tradition of a FBI COINTELPRO, they slowly managed to relegate the entire issue to New Age activities and generally have made the public think that these things aren't real and that it's just not a serious thing to look into.

Well, because of the so-called "Roswell Autopsy" footage, UFOs are making a comeback into the mainstream. As such, the Government had to work out some new strategies to relegate this thing back under the rug, so to speak. Time has passed and they have decided to attack the abductees. Now, as I said, I believe abductions take place. Just plain logical. But the Government needs to keep this thing quiet so they decide to tap one of the most powerful companies (At least where smoking is concerned) and help them put out this ad whose intent is to RIDICULE UFO abductees and anyone else interested in the phenomenon.

What they are saying is this: "Only stupid people believe in UFOs. Since we have said this, we hope you will be smart and buy and smoke cigarettes and get addicted to nicotine." If you really look at it in this context, it all makes sense. I mean, it certainly explains why they have done this.

On the opposite end (You have to be open-minded), you might expect this to be some admittance as you have said that the UFO thing is acknowledged and that something really weird is up with the ad. The truth is, there's no real "Conspiracy" behind it and/or any secrecy. It's just another way to keep this thing down.

Also, I want to offer my opinion on why UFO material remains so secret. Simple. If only like 20-30% of the population don't believe in UFOs and the Government comes right out in the open and says "UFOs actually exist and they are visiting our planet and they are technologically superior to us", this, in my mind, would cause a huge panic. Remember "Red Planet Mars" and all the chaos that ensued when UFOs were publicly acknowledged (It's been some time since I watched that one)? That's exactly what they fear. It's the reason why it has remained secret all this time. There is no way they will disclose the truth.

Your organization is a good one, and you do things excellently. But keep in mind that any information concerning UFOs that the Government will release will always be low-level material. That is, just a handful of reports and other materials not directly disclosing the threat that is genuinely real. Also, keep in mind that COINTELPRO is not inactive. There are plenty of ways the Government will make certain people are decisive on this issue and plenty of documents that may come from the Government alledgely confirming things may be in fact false. They have made false documents in the past, and they certainly won't stop any time soon.

Take Care and Thanks for An Interesting Segment on Art Bell,

2) Robert Bigelow ( writes:

What might be strategically better would be a willingness on the part of Winston cigarette people to publish an apology and an acknowledgement that they truly dont know anything about the topic. This would be a step towards Winston beginning to participate in funding research on this topic. Its possibly in Winston's best interests not to have any more public relations disasters. Rather than confrontational law suits, it might be more productive to pursue this line of inquiry with Winston.

3) Bill Hickey ( writes:

My first take on viewing this ad was... what does it have to do with selling cigarettes. The human psyche is a complicated, convoluted marvel of fun-house mirrors and riddles even Batman and Robin couldn't solve. But there are some people who have mastered the art and science of talking directly and convincingly to a person's soul... these are the "Controllers"... I think you know who they are and where they live.

First, they have made tobacco another divide-and-conquer concept in this country. The mere vision of a cigarette now evokes an emotional response both from smokers (who don't want to lose their freedom to smoke) and from non-smokers (who think smokers are murderous, unfeeling pigs). It could have been anything. In this instance they selected tobacco.

Now they have associated tobacco with UFOs and the abduction phenomenon in a national, in-Everyman's-face media. This is merely the application of a very old principle in the disinformation business. UFOs and abduction will now forever be linked to a core, dividing issue, and thus evoke the same division and deep emotional response that tobacco has... from a population that is now almost entirely comatose, or at least very tired... and thus susceptible to their brainwashing.

So, does this sell tobacco, too? Sure it does... just as well as a cigarette does when inserted into the labia of one Joseph Camel. If you can follow the scenario, this new ad was also a baited hook for a certain UFO lawyer and his Caus. Tread intelligently, beCaus we need you.



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