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Jim Dilettoso on Billy Meier Photos

Jim Dilettoso ( writes

The Meier Photos have not been proven to be a hoax. I worked on the Meier Case from 1978 to 1984. I located over 25 experts who examined various aspects of the photographs provided to Wendelle Stevens by Bill Meier.

We were extremely diligent in our approach. We used the best equipment and image processing software. Some of our techniques of entry and collaboration have been called unorthodox; but all work was done with the highest goals and integrity.

ALL, I repeat ALL, labs and experts who worked on the case signed nondisclosure and secrecy agreements. This meant that they gave limited responses when questioned about results by outside parties or investigators.

We genuinely approached the highest level of experts in non-UFO fields. Not one person or Lab, concluded that the photographs were a hoax.

We conducted tests at some Government and Government Contract Labs.

Only one person has claimed to have proven a hoax. One, Mr. Kal Korff. and his book "Spaceships of the Pleiades" published by Prometheus Press. In fact Mr. Korff has made it his business for 20 years, to discredit Billy Meier and all investigators on the case including well orchestrated slander of me. I have conducted my own investigation of Kal Korff's claims about his own background and his organization: Total Research.

In conclusion, I do not consider his image processing skills to qualify him to test anything, or lead a testing team, let alone prove anything.

I stand by the work we did concerning Billy Meier Photos shot in 1976. It is really unfortunate that the Meier Case has gotten such a bad rap, there is such a plethora of breakthrough evidence.

The baby was thrown out with the bath water.


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