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Wlter Moe ( writes:

Before analyzing our situation, it must be realized that we are primarily spiritual beings and are only here in the physical realm (an illusion or distortion of reality compared with our real spiritual selves and the real world) for learning and spiritual development over many lifetimes. We on earth represent one of the lowest forms of intelligent beings and have a long way to go in our spiritual development. However, our present bodies seem to be a hinderance to significant progress.

It seemed evident to me for the last 70 years (before I knew anything about aliens) that we needed genetic engineering. A small minority of people wanted to have studies made to accumulate data for analysis of genetic characteristics that affect our behavior. However, congress and the majority of people did not even want to discuss this problem.

And now, with the development of atomic and other weapons, and with our greedy and belligerent natures, the aliens do not want us to join them in space. Of course, some of them assisted our change from the Neanderthal to Cro-magnon types. But they didn't go far enough.

It must be noted that more advanced beings realize that we are all one spiritually (which we sorely need to realize to a greater extent). This means that if they would try to subjugate us, they would suffer - not us. I feel that most aliens would just like to isolate us and let us blow ourselves up if we are that dumb.

Thankfully, there seem to be some aliens who are trying to help - since we are incapable of self-improvement. But in analyzing what is going on, one must first study fundamentals. For instance, a brief study of the zero-point field (which has been verified by experiments) shows that our universe is insignificant compared with this field and the real world. That is just one indication that we should look outside the physical realm. Past lives, between lives experiences, and levels of existence must be studied esxtensively to be able to judge what is taking place.

I feel that it would definitely be to our advantage to assist in our physical change so that we can make faster spiritual progress. Two books which I feel are must reading for basic understanding are: "The Psychic Sasquash" by Lapseritis and "The Ultimate Alien Agenda" by Walden.


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