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Billy Meier's Photos Defended

Erik Poltorak ( writes:

I have personally studied the Meier case for many years. I have interviewed several people who have gone to Switzerland to study the locations that were used in Meier's photos. I have seen testimonials from multiple witnesses to the sightings.

I completely agree with Jim Dilettosso that NONE of the original series of Meier photos are fake. None that were released from 1976 - 1981 have been proved to be a hoax. That represents over 1000 photos.

In fact one does not even need Billy's photos to prove the case legitimate. As Michael Hesseman has stated on Hilly Rose, that there are so many other witnesses to the case, you don't even need Billy's material. Still to this day, there is no other case in the world with so much physical evidence. Photos, film, sound recordings (done by his wife), multiple landing spots, multiple eye witnesses and multiple photo witnesses.

I have a poster 5' tall showing every exposure from one roll of film that Billy took. The pictures on this wall size poster include the famous shots of the sun behind the beamship where you can see the rays of the sun being scattered around. This famous picture is on the cover of Stevens book "UFO Contact from the Pleiades." I have had a professional photographer look at the poster with 36 frames on it, and announce it to be legitimate. Meaning a 21 foot object far away from the camera, and in the case of the poster, flying all around the countryside and behind Billy's moped. Everybody and their mother has seen these shots but only Kal Korff has seen strings behind it. Maybe I should say only Kal Korff has put strings behind it. It is my belief, and I think I can prove it, that Kal Korff is the hoaxer, that he has fabricated and falsified pictures specifically for the purpose of defaming the Meier case. He is as we all know, an admitted liar who had to apologize to Art Bell on the air for making up stories. He has always attacked Jim personally, obviously because he can't attack the evidence.

Jim you are well respected for your work and your good reputation is intact. Kal Korff and the other hand, is hated and does not get nor deserve respect, from any serious researcher.

Jim Deardorff ( writes:

The statements from Jim Dilettoso about the Meier contactee case, which you recently posted on the CAUS website, were well worth distribution, as they are all too true. At the end he lamented that "the baby was thrown out with the bath water." However, that has never been true for those who have sincerely looked into the case for themselves and studied the findings of investigators Wendelle Stevens, Lee & Brit Elders, Gary Kinder and Michael Hesemann, the last two being independent of the others. In this case the "bathwater" has consisted mainly of debunking efforts by Kal K. Korff, who, along with William L. Moore, initiated their debunking circa 1980. Unfortunately, other ufologists, who also assumed that all contactees had to be hoaxers, naively accepted the false conclusions voiced by Korff & Moore, as they could not accept the unique features of the Meier case. It has appeared to me that the Meier case became a favorite whipping boy of those ufologists who wished thereby to upgrade their own image of credibility, and who could not grasp the thought that Meier's UFO contactors would have an agenda of their own. This agenda has included presenting Meier with information that would make it easier for him to be debunked by those who are unable to sift the wheat from the chaff of what Meier was told.

Dilettoso, who worked with Stevens on the case from 1978-on, was himself the target of intense abuse by Korff. This was part of the pattern of trying to discredit the investigator if you cannot honestly discredit the subject under investigation.

For those who may not know where to turn to learn of the true facts of the Meier case, here are some relevant websites.

For a summary of the contents of Wendelle Stevens' 1982 book on the case:

For a summary of the contents of Gary Kinder's book, _Light Years_:

For an expose of a large number of errors, false claims, distortions and innuendo in Korff's 1995 book, and omissions of relevant facts therein, see:

For videos taken of interviews with Meier and supportive witnesses in Switzerland, especially the video called "Contact," see the website:

An extremely important historical document associated with the Meier case -- he was its co-discoverer in Jerusalem in 1963 -- has also been the target of some debunking efforts. It is called the Talmud of Jmmanuel. This document, in the form of its German and English translations, is what I have been researching since 1984. Its genuineness relative to the Gospel of Matthew can be ascertained through a comparison of the two, which is done on my own website:

Last February the Meier case was reopened at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada. Among the witnesses there who vouched for the genuineness of Meier's contacts were two who confirmed Meier's earlier UFO-ET contacts in India in 1964-65, years before his Swiss contacts commenced in 1975. To obtain a video of these and other relevant presentations, you may contact me for the Conference organizers' mail address.

Glen Hessling ( writes:

I have also studied the Billy Meier photos and found them to be exceptional examples of good UFO photography. Although there is still plenty of room to discredit a portion of the volume of his photos. Some can be placed into the "throwing a model into the air" category, and others look like a staged photo. Even though I've been impressed with some of Meier's photos, such as a sequence of photos showing UFO's traveling across the countryside, (hard to fake) there are some that leave a lot of doubt. Some of these photos don't need experts to see they are possible fakes.

Dubious photos should be set aside and efforts should then focus on the more believable ones. I too believe that Meier has received a bad rap in the past, but it should be obvious why that has occurred.

The only reason I believe any of the Meier photos are real is the fact the same ships he photographed, are being photographed in other places on the planet not associated with Meier. This kind of evidence can't be ignored.



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