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Involuntary Human Experimentation

I just got on the web, came upon your website and decided to look at the article on history of Greys. I'm an abductee as well as having been involved in involuntary human experimentation all through my childhood in genetic and viral research at John Hopkins University Psychiatric Facility and Bethesda Navel Hospital. The Greys were in the underground/basement of Hopkins. Though they saved my life, due to the horrific torture and experimentation that went on upstairs at Hopkins by CIA based doctors (MK ultra sub-site #87), it was not done out of altruism. They just didn't want to loose one of their psychic experimentees who produced so many hybrids for them.

I was also abducted, along with my parents and sisters from within my grandmother's home, to some spaceship. I have been working with a medical intuitive and she has trained me in medical remote viewing and toning out implants. When she first talked to me last year, I had nine implants in my body. She toned them out,and though they returned (the implants and those non-emotional Greys), Vianna and I finally got a handle on the situation and found a honing device implanted in my DNA (we believe it was a gov't implant). It was toned out and the Greys have not bothered me since.

Your history corresponds with what I have researched, my own personal journey and what Vianna has shared with me. Thank you for having it available. It feels validating. The Greys are a dying species that cannot reproduce. They also have no internal merkaba-- do not have an emotional body. They live a long time but are basically souless. How unfortunate for them to not understand love and passion.

The Greys are subordinate to the Reptillians. It seems Earth has been a playground for alien species for a long time. The Greys were also present during the Atlantean eras.

Just to let you know, I have a new book out but it's not about aliens. I'm not quite ready to go that public yet. It's a compilation of stories, spiritually based, on the integration of Dissociative Identity Disorder. I am one of eight stories in the book, "Multiple Journeys to One: Spiritual Stories of Integrating from Dissociative Identity Disorder." ( Over 4 years ago, my process lead me through the integration/fusion of over 28 personalities. Life has been real different since.


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