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March on D.C.

Brian E. Mathieson ( writes:

CAUS has been a great inspiration in my own search for the truth. I have done everything I could to support your effort through these last few years. Recently I read a letter on your sight from Jeff of SFTT, calling for a movement toward bringing the UFO community together under one flag to perhaps march on DC... Like the Million Man march.... As a two time UFO witness, and the founder of the Earthwatchers group, I want to appeal to you for support in this effort to bring this dream into reality. This is THE issue of our age. Perhaps more important to our species than the actual existence of Aliens or UFOs or any of it... We need to know the truth from our government! We need to break this cycle of secrecy! I don't want to threaten national security. However, even an acknowledgment that the phenomenon is a reality would free Science from their religion of skepticism on this issue... In your career, you have rubbed elbows with some of the greats in ufology ... even the popular Art Bell... With the support of CAUS, we could reach these people and really get something going toward a World UFO Lobby!... We could hold a march by the next election! ... This is a revolution of sorts. We should speak of it as such, put on our armor and draw our swords! ... We need to campaign for support among the colleges and the youth. If we start targeting the youth of today ... we will have a great lobby in the next ten years or so. We need to break out the megaphones and post the flyers for student support. Out of the mouths of babes we will triumph over this darkness of nondisclosure... We should demand of the present political candidates their stance on disclosure, then boycott the ones who aren't on our side... It is statistically possible to block elections, if we can bring the community together as one voice.... The plans continue ... this will happen with help from known professionals like yourself.


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