The Truth Behind UFO Technology

Source: Don Palermo (

I have been involved with the UFO phenomenon for some time.  Due to luck, perseverance and individuals sharing information with me, I have gained a unique perspective of the past 53 years of the UFO gallimaufry.

I have learned that humans have been developing UFO technology for at least 53 years.  The UFO debunkers denial of real manufactured UFO type crafts, along with the blame of these crafts put on visiting aliens, aids to a great extent the desire to keep the truth classified and the science and technology of these crafts away from humanity as a whole.

I am an alien visitation skeptic, however, I realize that real manufactured UFO type crafts do in fact exist, and have existed for at least 53 years.  I suggest that the UFO observations, exposures, abductions etc., are a result of a purely human endeavor, that culminated from human creativity, innovation, and ingenuity.

Even *if* aliens are visiting, I submit that humans have been developing this technology and physics for at least 53 years.

The blame that is attributed to visiting aliens regarding the issues of UFOlogy, are by FAR hindering any possibilities at getting the truth of this technology disclosed, as well as disclosing the facts or fiction of visiting aliens.

In short, by blaming ET's for the issues of UFOlogy, you are performing a great disservice and hindering to a large extent the "ultimate goal", which is a disclosure of the technology that enables these crafts to operate as they do.

Believe me when I say, that if we the masses and public switched from blaming ET's to blaming humans for ALL the issues regarding UFOlogy, that much more ground will be gained towards you goal of getting to the truths of ET visitation, and my goal of a full discloure of the classified UFO and related  technologies.

If you need assistance towards these ends, let me know.  I can see how the game of UFOIogy has been played since 1947.  I am well aware of the value and "game" of blaming ET's for these crafts, and of the game of DENIAL of these crafts.

I do not wish to see the human UFO technology go un-disclosed for another 53 years.  Any gains at dislcosing this technology will surely bring you closer towards your goals, that is, if disclosing the truths of ET visititation is truly your goal.



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