Roswell: An Intercept Mission

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I heard that the Roswell craft might actually be a downed German flying wing based on the Horten brothers' concept. If this is true, why the trouble of retrieving the wreckage off Brazel's farm?  And if the books by Kevin Randle are accurate, then the amount of wreckage found at the ranch can surely not originate from only one aircraft. If there were two aircraft involved, what was the other?  And the rather oriental features of the bodies retrieved, there is speculation that they might be the suicide pilots of a Japanese bomb balloon. Was the Flying Wing sent out on an intercept mission, possibly a bomb balloon and after it shot at the balloon, some of the scrapnell damaged the plane and caused it to crash.   That might explain the foil like debris also being present at the crash site?

But if this really is the case, then surely the American government  would admit it by now.   Or was the aircraft sent on an intercept  mission of a real UFO and since it was the fastest aircraft available, that would make sense, since I don't see why someone would risk a prize aircraft to down something as slow as a bombing balloon.  

It was also stated that there was a flare on the radar screen (such a flair can only be caused by an explosion VERY close to the radar tower, or an incredible amount of radiation being emitted)   We all know that the explosion took place far from the tower so even as a skeptic I must admit something is wrong here.

Contrary to popular belief, the American Air Force had fully operational flying wing aircraft mass produced (even jet propelled) before 1947.   The formation of objects that Kenneth Arnold saw was actually some of those planes in action.   Given the top secrecy surrounding the construction of those aircraft (actually for political reasons) no one can blame the people for thinking they must originate from another world.  

I guess the Pentagon is not ready to admit that they had Nazi scientists working on new experimental aircraft and that the Germans were given a base to work from. There is not an alien base in the sense of ET's, but there is a base, or was, given to the Nazi aviation and weapons specialists after they were brought to America. I am not debunking the UFO connection to Roswell but from what I could piece together, the Roswell incident was an intercept mission gone wrong.   As for what was intercepted and shot down, I cannot say, that is why I would like to hear from you since you are one of the few serious UFOlogists that I know of that could help me with the Roswell case.   I spent nine years trying to solve this puzzle and I must admit that at first I accepted the official government reports, until I found them to be riddled with inconcistancies.  I attached a picture of what some believe is a model of one of the bodies recovered.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me contact other people involved with the Rowel case.



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