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Forensics Investigative Methods

Margaret DeHarpporte ( writes:

My husband and myself appreciate your many efforts and dedication to CAUS and to the subject of Ufology. Your legal work on its behalf is tireless and dedicated. What do you think of using forensics investigative methods in the pursuit of much needed hard evidence in regard to UFO events? The following is an appeal to the scientists at NIDS to consider, and maybe fund, a forensics specialist to pursue such investigation. I just wanted to forward this to you in hopes you would feel it is worthwhile. Keep up the good work. The world is still waiting for an answer!

To all of you at NIDS: I applaud your research, work, and dedication to exploring and investigating matters of scientific interest that often are outside the norm, so to speak.

I am writing with a suggestion/request pertaining to the field of UFO research, which interests me greatly but also leaves me feeling frustrated. I am a member of MUFON and took the MUFON field investigators course, and would describe myself as an open minded skeptic. There are too many incidences involving credible witnesses to write off the subject of UFO's as hysteria, misidentification, people either fabricating or being mistaken, or any of the other explanations often made by the debunkers. One of the things lacking in the investigation of UFO matters is a solid scientific approach to the subject using solid scientific methods of collecting evidence and gathering data such as would be afforded through the use of proven forensics investigation. This investigative work would be akin to going to the scene of a crime and searching for, say, a foot print, a hair, soil changes, testing of plants at a crop circle, or specimens from the carcass of an animal mutilation. A certain amount of financial backing would be required for what I have in mind. I would like to see a forensics expert , one with many years of experience, be employed full time for the purpose of going to the sights of any significant UFO event where physical evidence might be expected. Optimally this person would be willing to go on sight at short notice and have the support and assistance of local UFO people at the individual sights, as well as have access to all the necessary materials and equipment, as well as have access to an impartial and established laboratory, It would be great to see this happen for even one year, but five years would allow a wider range of events to be explored and would add to the knowledge and to credibility of the investigation. Ideally, any and all information would be freely available to the UFO community and to the general public, the idea being not to bring profit or fame to any individual or group, but to gain much needed evidence and knowledge of this evasive subject matter. I respectfully appeal to you to see this as a serious and much needed inquiry into a puzzling phenomena that needs extraordinary proof to go with the extraordinary claims already out there by the score.

I thank your for your consideration of this sincere appeal in the name of Ufology.


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