No Manufactured UFO Craft

By The Sage (

I submit that there is no such thing as real manufactured UFO type crafts for several valid and logical reasons:

1) There is no such thing as human made "UFO type crafts" -- although there are such things as saucer *shaped* crafts, they are extremely few in number and every single one was a complete failure.

2) No "hands-on" credible individual(s) are available to support the claim that humans are behind UFO technology, ie -- there are no valid witnesses to the effect that they have helped build UFOs.

3) No direct hard evidence is available to support the claim that humans are behind UFO technology, ie -- there are no valid witnesses or photos of UFOs with American flags or "Made in the USA" tags draped or stamped on them.

4) In order for the "UFOs are human technology" claim to work, you must deny any and all ET testimonies and observations. Note the false attribution that, "The blame that is attributed to visiting aliens...". The fact is that visiting aliens are not being "blamed" but certain people are simply reporting their honest OBSERVATIONS and not "blaming" anyone or anything. This is a case of picking and choosing your facts just so it will make your "theory" work -- and that is an intellectually dishonest and unscientific thing to do. Real scientists never discard facts or readjust facts or reinterpret facts just so their theories will work -- not if they value their reputation or credibility.

5) And then there is the issue of human competence. Humans have never demonstrated the creativity, innovation, or ingenuity to develop and hide any UFO technology for 53 years. That is laughable. I am fascinated by the attitude of the UFO community toward the military and intelligence agencies, which seems to vacillate between hatred and worship. My own attitude toward government agencies tends toward the cynical at all times. For example, it does not surprise me that the CIA might try remote viewing as an intelligence tool, any more than it surprises me that the US Armed Forces paid thousands of dollars for a screwdriver. But a screwdriver is not worth thousands of dollars, is it? If UFO technology was available to humans, why haven't they ever used it? Take for example, the Gulf War. No technology was available to take the place of the incompetent Patriot missiles, surely that would have been a perfect time to use our UFO technology, but we didn't. What are they waiting for? WWIII?

A promise was made that if the public switches to the belief that UFOs are human technology that, "much more ground will be gained towards you goal of getting to the truths of ET visitation," but before I would consider any extraordinary claim like that, I would first ask to see a guarantee of proof -- and there is absolutely nothing to back up the claim that UFOs are human technology other then the appeal to "Believe me when I say...". Instead of blindly believing, let us instead see the proof of how much verifiably closer anyone has gotten to the "truth" with this "theory" already. According to library, no one has gotten close to the truth at all, hence the reason someone would ask for the support of as many believers as possible before that their belief would allegedly give results. Obviously, there is no logical or rational reason to accept the claim that UFOs are human technology; it is just an appeal to yet another sub-religion of UFOlogy.

The only ones playing games here are the people that make claims and ask you to "Believe me when I say..." by blind faith instead of by critical thinking. The only ones playing games here are the people who cannot demonstrate any hard facts to back up their claims. The only ones playing games are the people that deny certain facts just so it will make their pet theory work.

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