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"Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications"
by Steven M. Greer, M.D.

A Review by Kathy Kasten

The overall tone of the book seems to be directed at an audience already convinced that unidentified flying objects are in fact from "out there", as the support material provided by Greer is a rehash of photos and documents provided as an unidentified appendix. Yes, there is the appearance of providing the data, but there is no explanation to the general public as to why this particular material is being presented; there is no context. It is as if Greer forgot to incorporate the material in the unidentified appendix in some way with the rest of the book. For a graduate of medical school and someone who on a daily basis is expected to communicate the facts of the matter - direct patient follow-up care - Greer is less than adequate. Along those lines, is a reprint of e-mail from Helmut Lammer. It is provided without context between Chapter 7 (a statement about abductions) and Chapter 9 (the Case for Non-hostility). Greer forces me to take a guess as to why I think this e-mail is reprinted in an exactly this place in the book. My guess is that it is to show that Greer is in touch with people who are doing real research, as the only linking statement I could find was a paragraph near the end Chapter 7 where Greer mentions in very, very vague terms an abduction that was done "by covert human forces" without providing any supporting documentation or providing a reference/framework in which the reader is to understand the information. Except, of course, his word.

One fifth to two-fifths of the book is devoted to letters Greer wrote to various world leaders. The majority of the letters are promoting Greer's group called CSETI Project Starlight; the implication being that if there is a government level effort to disclose and/or acknowledge that E.T.s are in fact a part of life on Earth, his organization should have the franchise on "contact." Greer has thought of everything, up to and including something Greer calls Points Supporting An Executive Order that requires releasing "witnesses" from National Security Oaths. Paragraph II even suggests that there is the possibility that "significant disclosures" might occur without an EO and threatens the President with loss of stature and credibility if this were to happen. But in Paragraph III, goes on to suggest that it would just be better for the President to release former personnel from their oaths for the sake of democracy, i.e., either go along with Greer's request or suffer the consequences. I think I understand why President Clinton, or someone in his staff, read this apparent threat (dated March 1995) and decided not to respond, or take Greer's deadline for a response seriously. I can't imagine what Greer thought would be accomplished by taking such heavy-handed tactics. Most politicians would not take Greer's position on extraterrestrial aircraft invading Earth seriously. Which leads me to believe that Greer doesn't know the first rule of chutzpah; i.e., whoever is doing the threatening needs to be able to back up their threat, if need be. What would Greer do? Target nuclear weapons at the White House? Threaten Bill Clinton with another scandal?

Greer doesn't stop there. Please, let me provide comments on a couple of other pages at random, one of many, many instances: "First hand witnesses have told us that Eisenhower was furious that he was being kept in the dark about a number of important aspects of the UFO/ET matter." First of all, there is no way to check out the credibility of the statement as, of course, Eisenhower is dead, and I would guess there is no written account of this conversation. Further, the name of the individual relaying this event is never given. I suppose that Greer would claim that this individual would be violating "his oath" if their name were provided.

Here's another one I would place in the leap of illogic category: "Fast forward to June of 1963. Kennedy is flying to Berlin to deliver his famous speech proclaiming "I am a Berliner". On board Air Force one is a military man who relates" a story about ufos, but Kennedy claims that he couldn't do anything about the matter. Once again, the name of the individual relaying this information is not given; there is no documentation that the conversation took place; there are no other witnesses to the conversation. And, what is Kennedy's alleged statement suppose to imply?

There are more such stories like this. After each one, Greer bemoans the fact all of our important leaders are "All out of the loop", and Greer's mission is to enlighten them. Frankly, Greer's technique of never mentioning names, dates, places, etc. smacks of the very secrecy he is claiming to abolish. What I am to make of the statement "these meetings were arranged by personal, back-door contacts and friends", Greer is referring to presentations to "leaders" in which he briefed them on the ufo problem. There is no disclosure of who was the "controller" who set up the meetings, her/his title, nor why I should believe Greer was completely in control of the agenda of these meetings, as there is no documentation - summary report - providing details of the meeting. With the U.S. government, usually, there are memos prepared after important meetings. I need to give Greer some slack here, after all, he is claiming he is just "a country doctor from North Carolina." Implying that he lacks the sophistication to deal with people who are cutting the public out of the loop. And, characterizing himself this way is okay if the person characterizing himself or herself this way is not dealing with people who know how to control "the game." Additionally, Greer is not clear on whether on the one hand important government officials are being kept out of the loop, and on the other hand the government is keeping the public out of the loop. Maybe, Greer should have provided a definite list/score card of who is in the information loop, and who is out among important government officials.

The rest of the book provides the way, the means, and basically the proposals for Greer to control any and all contact with E.T.s, dispersal of all documents that have been kept from the public related to "the cover-up", control of who speaks before the "coming Congressional Committee", etc. Only the Greer organization, CSETI, according to Greer, has the professional expertise to control the "paradigm shift" and all that means to those individuals who are already part of the "ufo believer base" of the American public. For the rest of us, there is a catch. The catch is that an individual must pony up anywhere from $40 to $100 per year to be part of CSETI, and become part of the "insider" contingency who will be the "Ambassadors to the Universe", be part of the Rapid Mobilization Investigative Team. The only people trained to interact with E.T.s (based on statements made in "CSETI" project protocol, on page 521, of the book).

Greer claims that visits to his website (as of April, 1997) are the usual suspects - military, various government laboratories, defense contractors. Although, there is no way to determine whether it was just curious individuals checking out his website for their own personal information. Including all the people Greer "briefed", I am sure that there are many people wondering who this guy is and what he really is about. After all, Greer's "movement" post-dates "Heaven's Gate" and similar cults. The fact that my government was interested enough to investigate him first hand, gives me hope that somebody in that same government takes their job seriously and has enough intelligence to make a judgment call about Greer. Just as sure as I am that if those same people wanted to know whether extraterrestrial aircraft were invading American, they would have called a meeting with various military agencies. However, if there were such meetings with military agencies, there is a very good chance that the American public may never know about those meetings.


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