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A Military Level of Intelligence

Tim Wilkerson ( writes:

I have listened to you on the Art Bell show and have visited your site many times. I have read as much as I could concerning unknown air/space/ocean craft within our atmosphere and outside of it.

I do not believe I have every seen anything that I could not positively identify, but one day I may. I am a retired Army helicopter pilot and I have flown in many parts of the world, but mostly here in the US.

I wanted to give you my thoughts on the appearance of triangular shaped objects and other craft in our skies and seas. We need to acknowledge a few things as facts and assume a couple others.

1. Our universe is vast and yes there are other life forms in it.

2. Our planet is not completely explored from bottom of the oceans to every part of all land masses. Because of this, there are many life forms that will be discovered.

3. There are unknown air/space/ocean craft that appear in our skies and the water ways. These are unknown to the majority of the people of earth.

4. The US Military has been and continues to work on newer faster, more efficient and deadly air/space/ocean craft.

5. Other countries in the world has and continues also to advance their knowledge of and production of advanced air/space/ocean craft.

6. Yes, air/space/ocean craft have been recovered and are in the hands of governments or secret agencies worldwide.

7. Yes, backward technology is in use and has been for some time.

8. Yes, some on earth has had and continues to have contact with other intelligent life forms not of our planet.

With these, let's look at major events on our planet, especially around the US. I have noticed, that there are reports of un-identified craft, show up at accident sites, like flight 990. Major events, or other happenings that the government or some secret agency would need to be informed about.

For example. The report of two triangular objects by flight 990, this indicates that they must control by an agency to collect, examine information and get that information back to their bosses. This is standard operating procedure for any fact finding group.

I do not believe that the largest number of sitings are alien. I believe that are craft made in the US and controlled by humans, flown by humans.

As a pilot and retired Warrant Officer, the actions that the craft are performing are military maneuvers. They are actions that indicate a military level of intelligence. Even all of the cover up that is going on.

I do not believe that Congress or the President, as a whole are aware of these actions. I believe that only a few people, control this operation and only a few people, who have power, do things to cover it up. Follow Orders, the military way of doing things. National Security, anything goes to protect our national security.

I know that this is only a small part of what is happening, but we need to take a piece of this pie, one at a time. Divide and conquer.

These are things we need not to fear, just things that we need to understand and bring into the open.


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