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A lifeform called "Rods"

Jose Escamilla (, the discoverer of "Rods" writes:

The TV station that did the Rods segment out of San Diego (KFMB CHANNEL 8) got an eleven share rating from their Rods story, which in turn prompted them to want to take me to the cave. BUT that's not all! In their segment, they mentioned that they had called Miramar (the Navy) about Rods and said that no one would return their calls.

I just heard from Dr. Roger Leir that here in LA, the local Independents picked up on the story...I guess after reading that it garnered an 11 share for San Diego and they used parts of the report and did their own spin on the story. It aired here from last week to yesterday (I was totally unaware) and on Channel 11 News (Fox), they had a Navy Official on and he stated that "yes" the Navy has footage of Rods!!!!

Do you know what this means? It means that if the Navy knows about Rods and has must the rest of the Military! AND this means, they know RODS ARE REAL and this means that we've been vindicated by the armed forces of America!

SO! I have not seen the news broadcast that had the Navy guy on it and I am going to track it down tomorrow and get a dub and then contact the Navy Official that said this.

MAN, I am totally blown out with this! AND I can't wait to get to the cave!

We got a new millennium bug out there....RODS BABY....RODS!!!



8:54 PM


After three years of longing to go to the cave where there appears to be a habitat of RODS, the dream has finally come to reality for Jose Escamilla and Jim Peters. At the last moment and before the millennium an event has taken place that has changed the previous notion that they would not make it to the cave this year at all.

After San Diego based KFMB Channel 8 News (CBS) did a story on the Rods and after capturing Rods with their own cameras; they received the highest rating for the station with the report; an eleven share. This prompted them, after many hits on their's and Jose's web site, to continue the report by taking Jose and Jim to the cave in Mexico to do the third segment of their report.

This just occurred since the airing of the Rods story on November 8, 1999. Jose and Jim are currently preparing for a trip to the UK where they will present for the first time in Europe, their evidence and findings on the Rods. Jim arrives in Los Angeles to meet up with Jose on Wednesday and they both leave for Mexico City on Thursday.

What would have been just another presentation for Jose and Jim in the UK, will now become one that will hold the first ever presentation of their filmings at the cave in Mexico which will be added to the presentation planned there.

KFMB Channel 8 News producer Marianne Mancusi says they are allocating the KODAK Motion Analyzer Camera System, that shoots from 250 to 500 frames per second, for the purpose of catching Rods on high speed digital video tape.

This is the camera system that will show what's really there. It is designed for the purpose of slowing down high velocity and high speed movement where you can see what's really going on. This is a camera system that KODAK backs with it's brand name designating that "what you see is what is really there!"

This camera system will not allow for any claims by critics and skeptics of debris in camera - insects close to the lens, or any other type of CCD artifact. etc. These are very expensive systems designed for maximum delivery of imagery leaving no room for anomalies created within the camera. Aero space, avionics, ballistics and other industrial uses where exact imagery is vital.

Jose says:

We will be shooting for two days at the cave and will roll off lots of tape, not only with the motion analysis system, but also shooting in stereo configuration and with the broadcast cameras available at the site by the crew.

This is not the planned expedition where we would have all the scientific instruments and equipment necessary for an in depth scientific controlled study, but instead a slam dunk hands on visual documentation of what's really going on at the cave within a short two day shoot. In short, this is a Sky Fishing expedition, but this time with some pretty awesome equipment.

All we need is "one money shot as they say" that can turn the whole Rods phenomenon into what can become the most important event of the millennium. This will make a turn around on how people will perceive the existence unknown aerial phenomenon in the future. Rods are after all, Unidentified Flying Objects that are among us. I know this, Jim knows this, and I can't wait to rill tape at the cave.

The cave is called SOTANO DE LAS GOLONDRINAS - Cave of the swallows. The filming will encompass closure on the first five years of research with common camcorder technology which on it's own has proven to bring forth an enormous amount of incredible evidence. This trip to the cave will garner us footage the likes of which has never been gathered before in the history of unidentified aerial phenomenon.

We will have the clearest, in your face and super slow motion footage of Rods as has never been achieved to date!

The happiest ROD MAN in the World - Jose Escamilla


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