Meeting With a Venusian

By Gary Val Tenuta (

    The UFO phenomenon has unfolded over the past fifty years like an intriguing epic novel filled with drama, intrigue, mystery, and a cast of colorful characters. One of the most famous and controversial of those
characters was a fellow by the name of George Adamski. Adamski died in 1965 but his photos of UFOs and his claims of having actually met face to face
with an intelligent humanoid from another planet still spark lively debate and discussion amongst ufologists today. We invite you now to journey with us back in time to witness one of the most famous "Close Encounters" in the annals of UFO history. I'll be your tour guide on this trip. So if you're ready, let's get started.

    Climbing into our time machine, which we affectionately refer to as the
Retro-Rocket, we set the destination indicator to the precise date of
November 20, 1952. Please fasten your seat belts and keep hands and feet
inside the vehicle at all times. Thank you and, as always, have a pleasant

    Swoosh....2000... Swoosh...1980... Swoosh...1960... Swoosh... November
20,1952: Stop Retro-Rocket!

    Now, ladies and gentlemen, if you'll direct your attention to the scene
outside to your left, you'll notice we're in the middle of the California
desert. In fact, we are precisely 10.2 miles from Desert Center toward
Parker, Arizona. As you can see, nothing is happening right at the moment.
But keep watching. Pretty soon we should see... ah, yes! There! Can you see
the car coming down that road? That's the Parker Highway and inside the car
are seven people. Three of them have a passionate interest in UFOs. One of
those people, a fellow by the name of George Adamski, is about to have an
extraordinary experience. He somehow knew he should come to this location
today. How he knew, he cannot say. Call it a hunch, an intuitive flash or
perhaps it was a telepathic communication. Let's watch.

    As you can see, the car has now come to a stop and the occupants are
getting out. Adamski is the tall fellow with the shock of wavy silver hair.
Standing next to him are a railroad worker named Al Bailey and a self
proclaimed archaeologist named Dr. George Hunt Williamson. By the way, we may
be paying Dr. Williamson a visit in our RetroRocket one of these days. He has
quite a tale to tell about his own experiences. But on with the
introductions... The three women are Williamson's wife Betty; Bailey's wife,
also named Betty; Alice Wells; and Adamski's secretary, Lucy McGinnis. While
Williamson appears to be busy examining the rocks on the ground, Bailey and
Adamski are walking around scouting out the terrain.

    Okay, nothing much is going to happen now for a little while. So if you
need to go to the bathroom or something this would be a good time. 



    Alright, are we all back? Good. Now if you'll look out your window again
you'll see our seven friends are all gathered around having a picnic lunch.
It's about twelve o'clock noon. Watch what's about to happen. Notice they're
all looking up at a small airplane flying over them. The plane, as you can
see, travels on and is soon out of sight. Suddenly Adamski and his friends
all turn at the same time and look in the opposite direction. What is that?
Over there near the mountain ridge! It looks like... yes! It's a huge cigar
shaped craft, silvery and silent above the ridge! It's moving very slowly.
Now it appears to be hovering in one spot. You can see how excited everyone
is. We'll activate our super sensitive microphone so we can hear what they're

    WILLIAMSON: Is that a space ship?

    LUCY (cautiously): No, George. I don't believe it is.

    AL BAILEY: But that baby's high! And see how big it is!

    WILLIAMSON: And, Lucy! It doesn't have wings or any other appendages like
our planes do! What do you think, Adamski?

    LUCY (interupting): You're right, George! Look! It's orange on top - the
whole length! *

    (The giant craft is now moving again. In a moment you'll see it disappear
behind the ridge.)

    ADAMSKI: Someone take me down the road... quick! That ship has come
looking for me and I don't want to keep them waiting! Maybe the saucer is
already up there somewhere... afraid to come down here where too many people
would see them.

    If you keep watching you'll see Adamski, Lucy, and Al Bailey get in the
car and take off down the road. The others have been told to remain where
they are and observe from that vantage point. Notice the large strange craft
in the sky is following the car. Now the car has stopped and if you look up
you'll notice the UFO has also stopped and is hovering almost directly over
the car at an elevation of perhaps only a couple hundred feet. Now Adamski is
setting up his telescope with a camera attachment and is telling Bailey and
Lucy to go back and join the others.

Now from their vantage point about a half mile from where Adamski is setting
up his telescope, they have a clear view of him and anything that might
happen. As you might imagine, Adamski is having a real adrenaline rush right
about now. He'd been photographing UFOs for several years, hoping one day he
could actually meet the occupants of those strange crafts. Now he's wondering
if this might be the moment. Still, he doesn't want to get his hopes up. If
one of these ships would just land in front of him and take off again, that
would be exciting enough.

    Now the big ship is turning and heading off into the distance over the
ridge and Adamski can no longer see it. Notice now the sudden flurry of small
airplanes in the sky where the ship had just been! Who are they? And did they
see the ship?

    Okay, we'll have to wait now about five minutes before anything else
happens. Anybody hear any good jokes lately? I've got one. See, there was
this priest, and a rabbi and a Methodist minister, and... oh, I'll have to
finish it later! Look now! Did you see that flash in the sky? Adamski sure
did! Yes, now we can see what he's looking at. Right over there. See the
small craft just coming between those two peaks? Now it's settling into one
of the coves over there. Looks to be just about a mile from where Adamski is
standing. As you can tell, if you look out the right side of our RetroRocket,
Adamski's friends are seeing this also. Adamski is getting some photos with
his equipment but he's so excited he's not paying much attention to the
camera settings. You can see him clicking off several shots and putting the
exposed film into little cannisters which he's then putting into his jacket
pocket. Now comes the big moment. In just a second you'll see Adamski turn as
if something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. If you look,
you'll see what he's seeing. About a quarter mile away, over there at the
entrance to that ravine you can see what looks like the figure of a man
waving to Adamski!

    Adamski is very curious and is walking toward the man. We'll move our
RetroRocket a little closer so we can get a better look. Don't worry. They
can't see us. We have some new fangled technology that keeps us invisible.
Don't ask me to explain it. I'm just a tour guide.

    Okay, now we can see close up what's going on. You can see the stranger
appears to be maybe in his late twenties. His shoulder length sandy brown
hair is blowing in the wind. He's smiling as Adamski approaches. The young
man appears to be wearing a one piece jumpsuit of a chocolate brown color
with a lighter brown waist band. See how the upper part of the jumpsuit has a
full blousy look to it, with cuffs snug about the wrists. The legs of the
suit are also very loose fitting but tight around the ankles. He seems to be
wearing some kind of shoes that appear to be a dark maroon color.

    Look, now Adamski and the stranger are face to face. The stranger holds
out his hand as if to shake hands in our traditional manner. But, as you can
see, when Adamski goes to grasp the young man's hand, the young man withdraws
momentarily, shaking his head and smiling. Now see he extends his hand once
more as does Adamski but instead of grasping they simply touch palms,
apparently a custom where ever this stranger is from. Look at the stranger's
face. Notice his extremely high forehead and slightly slanted grey-green
eyes. His skin color seems to be a light brown; almost the color of a
Caucasian with a deep tan.

    Adamski is talking to the man, trying to communicate. The man keeps
making gestures toward his own footwear. It's clear that Adamski and the
stranger are not doing too well by trying to communicate with words. Now we
see them each making a lot of hand and arm gestures, in an attempt to get
ideas across. Now it may, at times, appear as if they are just standing there
staring at each other, not communicating at all. However, we know today,
because of Adamski's own testimony, that the two of them were in fact
communicating by telepathy. This is how Adamski learned the man was from the
planet Venus. He also learned that the Venusians were concerned about the
fate of planet Earth because of our advances in nuclear technology. According
to the Venusian, our practice of testing nuclear bombs was causing a
disturbance to the other inhabited planets. And, yes, according to the
Venusian, all the planets in our solar system are inhabited by intelligent
beings. Of course, today we know that is not the case. Unless... do you
suppose they exist in some higher frequency so they are essentially invisible
to us? Or was this Venusian just full of hot swamp gas?

    Now you see the Venusian pointing to a hill near by. If you look in the
direction where he is pointing you can see the small saucer shaped craft
which brought him to this location. This smaller craft was carried into the
Earth's atmosphere from Venus aboard that large cigar shaped craft we saw
earlier. That was the Mother Ship. It carries many such smaller craft,
something like one of our aircraft carriers on the sea. The Venusian tells
Adamski the ships are propelled by some sort of magnetic energy system.

    Now you can see Adamski making broad sweeping motions with his hands. At
the same time he's telepathically asking if the Venusians believe in God.
Adamski learns that they believe in what the Venusian calls the Creator of
All. The concept is similar. The Venusian says Earth people do not live in
accordance with the will of the Creator as they should. Of course on Venus
everyone does. He tells Adamski that when we die our intelligence does not
die with our body but goes on to evolve into a higher form of intelligence.
The Venusian says he once lived here on Earth in another life.

    Now the Venusian is once again gesturing toward his own footwear. Adamski
is nodding his head in the affirmative and the Venusian steps aside. Adamski
is looking down at the footprints the Venusian has left in the soil. With our
special zoom thingy we can get a look for ourselves. If you'll look up here
on the screen you can see the footprints. Obviously the soles of the Venusian
shoes had strange symbols carved into them and they have now left very clear
imprints in the soil. The symbols are not readily recognizable except for
what appears to be a kind of stylized swastika which, as we now know, is an
ancient symbol with spiritual connotations.

    Now we see Adamski and the Venusian are walking side by side, heading for
the small space craft. Now they're standing right beside it. Adamski is
asking if he can enter the ship but the Venusian says no. Oh, look! Did you
see that? Adamski's arm accidentally brushed up against the side of the craft
and sent some kind of energy pulse into his body. He jerked back suddenly. It
must have been quite a jolt! He seems to be okay but it was the side of the
jacket in which Adamski had placed the rolls of film with the photos of the
ship that he had taken earlier. He's now quickly removing the film rolls from
that pocket and switching them to his other pocket. Now he's asking if he can
take of photo of the Venusian but again the Venusian says no. But look. The
Venusian appears to be asking Adamski to give him one of the rolls of film.
Adamski is, in fact, handing over a roll of the film to the Venusian. You can
see the Venusian is putting the film into the front of his jumpsuit.

    The Venusian is boarding the ship now and a sliding door is closing
behind him. Now it's lifting silently into the air and in moments it will be

    Adamski is walking back to the spot where he and the Venusian had stood
for so long. As you can see, he's taking photos of the strange footprints.
His friends are now rushing down from their vantage point and everyone is
astonished at what they've just witnessed.

    Okay, folks, that's about all we need to see here for now. But we're
going to jump ahead a couple weeks to the thirteenth of December of the same
year. Hang on.

-- Shake! Shake! -- Rattle! Rattle! ...Shhhhhhwoosh! --- Screech!

Everybody okay? Good. Well, it looks like our short-jump transporter
mechanism thing-a-mabob isn't functioning very well. So let me just tell you
what we were going to see. We were going to see the return of the Venusian.
Yes, that's right. A couple weeks after the event we've just witnessed,
Adamski had another visit from the same Venusian. Why? Did someone ask why?
Well, believe it or not, the Venusian returned the film that Adamski had
given him. Only thing is, this time the Venusian didn't bother to get out of
the craft. No, he just dropped the film out of one of the ship's portholes.
That's right. Anyway, when Adamski had it developed he was in for a real
surprise. Apparently the Venusian had somehow erased one of the photos and
was able to imprint another image in its place. The image was of a page of
strange symbols somewhat similar to those left in the soil by the Venusian's
footprints. When we get back to the year 2001 you can go to the library and
look up a book called Flying Saucers Have Landed, by Desmond Leslie and
George Adamski. There you will be able to see the strange symbols left by the
Venusian footprints and those which appeared on Adamski's film.

Okay, now if you will please fasten your seat belts, we'll head back to the
year 2001. Everyone strapped in? Here we gooooooooooooo!!!!!

Swoosh....1955... Swoosh...1960... Swoosh...1980... Swoosh... 2001... Stop

    Well, here we are, safe and sound in our own time. So, what did you think
of that little scenario? Did it really happen? Adamski swore until his dying
day that it happened just that way and none of the others who were with him
ever recanted their testimony. Today, of course, we know it's not possible
for a humanoid being to live on the planet Venus. But does that negate
Adamski's entire story? For some the answer is yes. Other's argue the
possibility that Adamski did have this experience and that the alien visitor,
for some unknown reason, gave Adamski false information. That explanation
might stretch the imagination a bit but, interestingly, it fits many of the
so called "early contactee" cases of the 1950s and 1960s; cases in which the
experiencers were, in every other way, regarded as credible people.
Unfortunately in this case, however, many ufologists do not consider Adamski
to have been one of those otherwise credible people, noting that he tended to
be a bit of a "character" and seemed to love being the center of attention.
On the other hand, some ufologists suggest Adamski, despite his personal
quirks, did indeed have some remarkable sightings and did produce some of the
most remarkable UFO photos in the history of the phenomenon. They suggest,
however, that in his desperate attempt to gain more attention to his
experiences he began to exaggerate his claims to the point where they became
more unbelievable than if he had merely stuck to the facts.

Unfortunately we may never know the truth behind the stories he told. His
photos of the UFOs have been analyzed by experts and, while no one has been
able to prove them to be real, it should be noted that no one has been able
to prove they were faked. File the Adamski case, along with so many others,
under "U" for Unexplained.


* Coversation quotes are from the book, Flying Saucers Have Landed, by
Desmond Leslie and George Adamski (1953).


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