A Mass Delusion?

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The UFO community has strongly denied the possibility of the UFO phenomenon being the result of a mass delusion for as long as I can remember. They claim that it would be impossible for hundreds of people of varying cultures and education and mental health to somehow simultaneously fool themselves into believing something that only exists in their collective imaginations. But it has come to my attention, that whole entire mentally healthy civilizations have become the subject of mass delusions in history past -- sometimes extending over a period of hundreds of years! Little did I realize until a few days ago, that undeniable evidence of extensive mass delusions occurring was right under my nose all along. Bernard Cohen, a professor of the History of Science at Harvard University, wrote an article in 1992 for Scientific American, based on his long-term studies of creativity in science. What is remarkable about his study is that it proves that just because numerous and even highly credible witnesses come forward to make a claim for a phenomenon, doesn't imply that anything physically real is occurring, especially when the phenomenon cannot be backed by even so much as the slightest shred of physically demonstrable evidence. Since I believe that this information would be valuable to the UFO community in regards to solving the UFO phenomenon, I would like to share this info with you and the best way to do that is to freely quote the relevant parts for you, so you can see for yourself just what I mean...

"Tales of humanoid monsters were a common component of the travel literature and legends with which Columbus was familiar. They became an important part of Columbus's writings as well. The mythical monsters known to Columbus included giants, one-eyed Cyclopes and hairy men and women, as well as more exotic creatures. Amazon fighting women cut off the right breast so they could use bow and arrows more efficiently. Anthropophagi devoured human flesh and drank from human skulls. Blemmyae had heads located in their chests. Panotii were endowed with gigantic ears that they used as blankets or as wings for flying. Cynocephali had human bodies but dogs' heads. Sciopods possessed a single leg and a huge foot; they would stretch on their backs and hold the foot above themselves to act as parasols. Information about these beings appeared in many written accounts and literary works. The alleged correspondence of Alexander the Great, for example, and Pliny the Elder's NATURAL HISTORY contain early mention of humanoid monsters. Marco Polo's MILLIONE included descriptions of monstrous races" (WHAT COLUMBUS 'SAW' IN 1492, by Bernard Cohen, Sci American, Dec 1992, pg 103).

"When Columbus reached the New World, he inquired again and again about the presence of humanoid monsters. Perhaps his informants did not understand what he was asking, or perhaps they attempted to please him by telling him what he seemingly wanted to hear. Columbus recounts in his letter, that he received information about people with tails, people having no hair and women living and fighting on an island devoid of men, for example. The tales to which Columbus paid attention, and the manner in which he interpreted them, undoubtedly reflected both his expectations and his hopes" (Ibid, pg 103-104).

Despite the complete lack of any physically demonstrable evidence whatsoever, even after Columbus came home empty-handed in regards to humanoid monsters, fairytales of their existence continued well into the 15th century, "References to monsters were very still much in evidence in 15th-century scholarly books such as d'Ailly's IMAGO MUNDI and the HISTORIA RERUM UBIQUE GESTARUM of Aeneas Sylvius" (Ibid, pg 103).

The fact is that what is happening today is no different than what happened 500 years ago when Columbus first came to America and expected to see humanoid monsters; Many people claimed to have seen humanoid monsters, large numbers of highly respected scholarly works wrote about them, and there was absolutely not a single shred of demonstrable evidence of their existence -- but in hindsight we know for a fact that they were all simply deluding themselves! This *exactly* the phenomenon we are seeing today -- Many people claiming to see flying saucers peopled by little gray humanoid monsters, large numbers of scholarly works are written about them, yet there is absolutely not a single shred of demonstrable evidence of their existence. So the claim that all these multitudes of people coming forth to say they saw a little gray men wouldn't be doing so if there weren't some truth behind the phenomenon, is demonstrably false. Like they say, history repeats itself and the UFO phenomenon is no exception and this is proof of it.



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