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Roswell Revisited: We Hear But Do Not Listen

by Claude DiDomenica (

November 22, 1999

Peter asked me if he could post and send out my article below, which I just re-posted to my E-mail list. I have given him permission to do so. My hope is to inspire a fresh look at what I feel is the "bigger picture."

Please note, I will be posting this on my Website, with some graphics:

In 1997, I wrote an article, postulating the Roswell crash or crashes were staged by the ET's. If you haven't read it, it is below. In retrospect, I may not necessarily still agree with everything I wrote. However, I stand by my feeling we need to focus on the big picture, if we are ever to unravel this enduring mystery.

I call for all people of good will, including those in charge, to move forward in a peaceful, honorable and truthful manner. I bet many cool surprises await humanity once we decide it's in everyone's best self-interest to unite. :-)

ROSWELL REVISITED: We Hear But Do Not Listen (v1.20 11-17-97) A personal viewpoint by Claude DiDomenica

Prior version: v1.01 9-26-97

I. Introduction

As many seek to prove or disprove the 1947 Roswell UFO "crash" (or crashes), I continue to wonder, "What does this all mean?" I hope more people would be concerned with motive, intent and a global or macro perspective on this enduring mystery... Below is my theory, that the Roswell "crash" was STAGED by these mysterious beings. Even if the theory is wrong or partially correct, the main point is we must start looking for meaning. It is apparent someone is trying to say something, and we continue to hear but do not listen.

Before I get to the theory, some explanation of the terminology I use is in order. Additionally, some historical background may be helpful. Please excuse me if you already have studied this: it is important to reiterate to fully understand why I think what I believe. When I use the term "UFO," it could be an interstellar spaceship, an interdimensional craft, some sort of time machine or even a manifestation of human consciousness. When I use the word "alien," I take a similar approach. In other words, the aliens could be extraterrestrials from another galaxy, interdimensional interlopers, time traversing humans from the future, or one possible future, or even some sort of spiritual manifestation. A colleague suggested that when it comes to these beings, it is like choice "E" on a multiple-choice test: "ALL of the above."

II. Corso, and the "Crash Dummies"

The event that sparked my final realization about what I believe Roswell, and the prior and subsequent alien involvement on Earth means, was in reading "The Day After Roswell," by Retired Colonel US Army Philip Corso. In the book, Corso maintains he was in charge of disseminating some of the artifacts from the crash retrieval of a UFO from or around Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. His task was getting this advanced technology in the hands of defense contractors and universities, so they could reverse engineer and harvest miracles like the integrated circuit, fiber optics, the laser, super-tenacity fibers ("Kevlar") and more.

His involvement was in the early sixties, at the Pentagon, working under General Trudeau in the "Foreign Technology" section of Army Intelligence, a convenient cover for the real work at hand for Corso. The same week in July 1997 "The Day After Roswell" debuted:

We "crashed" our own UFO on Mars (NASA's Mars Pathfinder), at least from the perspective of a Martian. Corso did his first book signing at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base! AND it was the 50th anniversary of the Roswell incident!!!

Quite a week! Just two weeks prior, The US Air Force came out with the laughable "crash dummies" lie. Obviously, the UFO matter is still highly classified, and the disinformation specialists of the Air Force had to lie. However, I think it goes much deeper than that. Since the dummies were used 8 years after the Roswell "crash", [ 1. ] the Air Force obviously does not want us to take them seriously, while at the same time officially maintaining the status quo of the cover-up. But, the cover-up seems to be unraveling, again perhaps even by design like the "crash" itself.

So, we have the loony tunes Air Force pronouncement AND Corso blowing the whistle not only about Roswell, but about the double edged nature of the "Cold War" with the Soviets. (Corso, in my opinion, is far from a classic whistle blower, because he has tacit approval from the powers that be.) It appears to me some facet of the cover-up is floating a trial balloon here: Do you really think Corso would be allowed to do a book signing at an Air Force base if they wanted to silence or discredit him? Stay tuned folks, since it really looks like a major change is occurring in the way the aliens are being handled. But beware! The same folks that lied to us for fifty years are perfectly capable of putting whatever spin they want on this. I am reading opinions that the aliens are demons, and they are hostile, etc. I do not agree. We must be vigilant against a possible new "Evil Empire" the global military-industrial complex and intellegencia so loves to cook up for us.

III. Ancient Astronauts and Phantom Dirigibles

I have thought for some time that the one reality of the "aliens" is their impact. Whether or not they exist, their impact is REAL. Therefore, they are real. There is a MESSAGE from this. I think it is "unite or perish." In other words " humans are not the only form of intelligence on Earth, in the cosmos or throughout the dimensions. Stop harming yourselves, your fellow beings and your environment..."

Some would argue I am yet another victim of some form of brainwashing by "evil aliens", making me think they are here to "help humankind", while at the same time secretly planning the ultimate demise of humanity. As far as I am concerned, I'll stick with my assumption that at a minimum, the aliens have a deep, vested interest in us. Perhaps we are their children, left here on Earth 50,000 years ago... Maybe we are a genetically re-engineered native species... They could even be OUR children, from the future... Or it just may be a spiritual connection... ...or we are in their "laboratory", for study, like guinea pigs.

Throughout our history, there appears to be a presence, along side humanity. We have all seen the strange cave paintings, artifacts and hieroglyphs of beings in what look like space helmets... The "Nazca Lines" (Nazca Plain, Peru), which can only be seen from the air... Elves, gnomes and pixies, which in many cases are similar to reports of aliens today... "Flying chariots"... etc...

Things get real interesting in 1896-97, when there was an "airship" flap that gripped North America, which became known as the "Great Airship Mystery." These sightings included contact with "people." Incidentally, this was the first major "flap" (a period or wave of high UFO sightings with reports by the press) in America. [ 2. ]

If you look at the technology used by the aliens on a timeline, you will see they always seem to be one step ahead of what our minds (at the time) could be comfortable understanding. Airships in the 1890's, just prior to their actual use by humans... "Space ships" in the late 40's, prior to our own development of space travel. Now, they fly around in delta shaped mile-wide craft, etc. Could it also be that our perception of the aliens has been a step behind as well? During the Airship flap, the aliens were looked upon as people, like they were in the navy or something. Now, we are seeing humanoid types and others... Perhaps in a hundred years, they will appear only in spiritual form, once we go through the PRESENT PHASE. Yes, since the involvement with the aliens has been for so long, and they appear to change based on our level of development, I have concluded further change in our view of them and their technology is very likely.

IV. Weapons of Mass Destruction, the "Crash" and the Common Foe

To understand what follows, I have made the assumption the Roswell "crash," as it is most commonly reported was a real event. I am more than satisfied that if the events of 1947 in New Mexico went to trial, the government would be convicted of a cover-up. People have been sent to death with less evidence than there is to support the Roswell cover-up. Also, please assume this is a theory, full of holes. As I said, the main point here is to get others to start thinking about the "big picture." I really think this is the only way we will ever get close to understanding.

It is now 1914. "The War to End All Wars", World War I, has brought humanity to a new low. Now, we deploy machine guns, chemical weapons, tanks, larger-than-ever artillery, stealthy submarines and more. To an observer sans human, it would seem we were in the beginning stages of what could potentially be what Star Trek referred to as the "self-destructive phase." It doesn't take the proverbial rocket scientist to realize we STILL are in this awful stage of our development or lack thereof. Hopefully, people of vision will take control of Mother Earth before it is too late...

At that time we did not have the technology to cause our own extinction, and our apparent vested interest alien counterparts did not, nor could not (for whatever reason) intervene. Perhaps some sort of "Prime Directive", ala Rodenberry.) :-) The Prime Directive was about to be violated or we triggered an exception clause.

Basically, these beings have the ability to either see ahead or through technology, jump ahead in time. They saw the Armageddon of thermonuclear war in our future. One of many possible futures, perhaps. Maybe they are the survivors of this nuclear war. Actually, common sense would tell them, based on the horrors of the two World Wars that extinction was likely, now that we had "The Bomb." Keep in mind, the "Airship" flap of the late nineteenth century was generally benign in nature. This says an awful lot to me: If the aliens did not invade and conquer us in 1897, I don't think they are about to in 1997.

Government, military and defense contractor merchants of death: You are on notice: go find another enemy to rally the troops around.

Now it is 1947. The United States has atomic weapons, and in two years are about to be joined by the Soviets. Soon after that both will develop thermonuclear weapons, which make the Trinity bomb look like a firecracker. Seeing the eminent self-annihilation of humanity, something had to be done, and it could not be an overt landing and contact. In 1947, it would have ripped the planet apart, as our version of reality was not ready for open and unambiguous contact with an advanced civilization. I laugh every time I see the movie, "The Day The Earth Stood Still" with Gort guarding Clahtu's ship in the middle of DC. :-)

So, the most incredible plan was concocted... Sheer genius! They made themselves a "threat", by surveilling us near our MOST secret air base, ROSWELL, New Mexico. Roswell was the home of the only nuclear strike force the Army-Air Force had at the time. The crash was staged so we would think we could create the technology to "fight" these beings, who are really flying around in their "Model T Ford," when in the garage, they have a '97 Ferrari. :-) In other words, the military would think "Gee, if they can crash, we can shoot them down." Anyway, Corso validates part of this by his connection between the "Cold War" and the REAL agenda of the military: To prepare for and defend for an "alien invasion." I do understand it was Corso's job to be paranoid and prepare for worse case scenarios.

1947 was the beginning of the "invasion." This was the same year the Air Force branched off on its own from the Army, and the CIA was formed. Interesting... If we take the 1947 "invasion" and the subsequent DC flap of 1952, etc., it is easy to see they would have been perceived as a threat. If I were alive at the time, I would have thought we were being primed for an attack. But now, 50 years later, I find this highly unlikely and hard to swallow. On this point, I feel Corso was WAY OFF. He still maintains they are a threat.

There are many unanswered questions: like who/what is behind the cattle mutilations, crop circles, etc.? But I really think Corso has given us vital clues as to the last 50 years, way behind-the-scenes collaboration between the US and Soviets, and the potential that this was caused by the aliens giving us a common enemy to defend against. I'll mention a very interesting clue: President Reagan's SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) AKA "Star Wars." This was the anti-ballistic missile "umbrella" that would shoot down missiles from space, and if that failed, blast the incoming warheads with laser or particle beam weapons. This CLEARLY violated the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with the Soviets... We never even heard the sound of a pin dropping out of the Kremlin!

Another interesting facet is the Internet was created as a DIRECT RESULT of having to re-engineer and harvest the "alien" technology. The precursor to the Net was ARPANET, for ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) to communicate freely and securely with the researchers and defense industry subcontractors.

Funny thing is the Internet, created by the secret keepers, is the primary medium by which we are letting the cat out of the proverbial bag. :-) Poetic justice? Or by design???


[1.] "...But the private Fund for UFO Research, based at Mount Rainier, Maryland., attacked the report, noting that the test dummies were not dropped by parachute until 1955 and that the Air Force simply claimed that the time discrepancy was due to faulty memories on the part of eyewitnesses."

WASHINGTON (Reuters), circa June 24, 1997, USAF: Roswell "Space Aliens" Were Dummies.

[2.] Knight, David C. UFOs. A pictorial history from antiquity to present. 1979. p21.

It appears the secret keepers are in the dark themselves.

Claude DiDomenica
Founder and Webmaster of UFOnetwork

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