How Does an Abductee Feel?

From: Joni Carleton

I just have to respond to your commentary today regarding alien abductions
before I go off to teach my 26 lively second-graders.  For what it's worth,
I totally agree with your statement.  Last spring, I had subscribed to a
chat-list type daily letter from Dr. Richard Boylan's group.  During the
very few times that I added my 'two cents worth', I would royally be shot
down if it did not line up with his view that all aliens are benevolent
beings.  On the other end of the spectrum, I subscribed to a list that was
filled with nothing but malevolent personal abduction information from the
writers and I was struck by how emotional the e-mails were were.  By
mid-summer I had to drop both of them due to the tremendous e-mail generated
my account as well as not being able to keep up with reading it all due to
my college studies.

Most of us truly do not know what is happening and those who have had it
happen are driven nuts by man's inquisitive human nature.  We "unabductees"
cannot truly relate to the mental stress brought on by those kinds of events
unless we have 'walked in their mocassins'.

I have had only one taste of this (in the driving-yourself-crazy department)
when a few months ago, as I was normally going about my morning routine one
weekend, I noticed markings completely made around my wrist that looked like
elastic markings, you know the kind that pajama elastic makes. I was at first
intrigued and then for an hour or so, completely panicked as I could not
understand or remember how this mark got on my wrist especially because I had
worn only a loose fitting nightgown that contains no elastic in it.

To this day, I do not know how I acquired an elastic mark around my arm but
just like the mark disappearing, the concern also eventually disappeared
from my mind. But unless someone goes through this panicky state of mind,
one does not know the mental hoops one puts himself through. During this
experience, the one thing that came to my mind was that this must be how
abductees feel with no memory of how they got their marks; only their marks
are permanent to serve as a reminder every day that something strange
happened in their lives that they cannot explain.  How awful to have to live
like that!




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