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Trouble With Reporting Abductions

MS writes:

I heartily agree with your piece on the trouble with reporting abductions. I had a terrible experience with MUFON It was surreal. I tried to be straight forward in reporting what had happened only to be continually questioned in what was obviously an attempt to trip me up (for example my own account was misquoted back to me, also the person already had an elaborate, and as far as I'm concerned absurd, approach to what is after all my particular experience). Details which confirmed this person's version of the situation were stressed and those that did not were deleted. I found this very disturbing as I thought I was offering my account which would be collected as raw data. Here is the most troubling part.

I was absolutely shocked when this person asked me for my Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.) which is in Canada what we call whatever version of how the system identifies it's citizens in America. By the way, I'm not kidding about the acronym S.I.N. that's the official term. I was absolutely stunned! When I protested at this invasion of my privacy and asked "WHY?" I was told it was so my story could be checked out!!!!!!! I became very suspicious and provided a false name and S.I.N. It occurred to me that if the powers that be wanted to collect data and provide misinformation they could set up just such an organization.

Here's the kicker, I gave a friend's phone # which I could be used as a contact (as I balked at providing any more information the person held out the 'lure' of connecting me with others who had similar experiences). It was agreed that I would be called to meet these people, only I never was. I guess my name and S.I.N. didn't check out! How could a group with no government affiliation have access to such information because if they don't why ask for it? Now I know that in any organization there are individuals who may not live up to the highest standards of it but I was really put off and I am now mistrustful in general which is sad.


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