"I Have the Proof" - Part I

Source: Rebecca S.

I strongly support what you are doing.

I have information that might be helpful to you.

Do you know why the government doesn't want you to know what you want to know?

I have some of the most damning information they don't want you to have.

The reason I know it is correct, is because our phones got tapped (I laid the phone down on my Bible one day and got feedback! not to mention the echoes when I called my associate whose phone is also tapped.), websites got shut down, newsletters never got out. You know, the usual. I'm a hermit now.

I have the proof of who the 3-4 archaic model of spaceships belongs to. You know those saucer shaped ones that buzzed the White House in the 50's and have been recorded many times by many people? They are still housed here on Earth, and their owners have become the richest corporations in the world. And I can prove it. I have proof that no one can deny it's veracity, which is why I'm such a threat I guess.

Admittedly, we probably both know the Greys are gone. They exchanged information with the ones that own the saucer shaped models, that control our government.

There are others that reside in the interior of the planet that have newer models.

And of course, there are those ships from the satellite/planet Nibiru.

The Balls of Lightening are Spirit Ships of the people known as Light Beings, undoubtedly from Orion.

Cathy O'Brien, the escaped CIA sex slave, message runner and drug mule said she saw spaceships 25 years ahead of what the military is sharing with the public. Ships whose technology came from the Greys.

Which explains why there are so many different models of UFOs.

What I have is the proof that cannot be denied as to Whom flies which spacecraft. And it's nothing you've seen before.

And, I have enemies in high places because of it, already, and I've still been kept relatively quiet so far because no one believes it except the ones tapping the phones and shutting down the websites and newsletters.

I think this information might be helpful to you in your fight for Truth.

You could surprise the snot out of them by knowing more than you ought.

Let me know if you want to know.

I've frightened people by telling them too much, which they're not prepared to handle. So I've calmed down, and ask people if they want to know first before laying it all out.

Let me know. I'd love for this information to find someone who could use it to bring Light into this dark world of ignorance and deception.



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