"I Have the Proof" - Part II

Source: Rebecca S.

It's the 3-4 saucer shaped archaic models that I know about. I couldn't tell you for sure specifically who flies the other models other than what I've already told you, but the saucer shaped ones I do know for a fact.

Let me explain myself a little, so hopefully you will understand and not think I'm nuts like most people do. This is all going to sound like I'm a raving lunatic, or this is a Fairy Tale, but it's not, I assure you.

I am an Archaeological Bible expert. So far, I am the only one of my kind that I know of. I found evidence of a massive conspiracy that no one wants to hear about because it's too scary to even consider. However, it might appear that what I discovered might be useful to you in your battle for uncovering the conspiracy of UFOs.

I opened the prophetic books of the Bible using the "Language of the Gods" aka Symbology. Wherein by knowing the Symbols of the "Gods" or "Annunaki" of the Ancient World one then takes that knowledge and can open up Revelation of the Bible or the other books of prophecy. The other books of the Bible correspond to the prophetic books. The whole Bible is filled with information that discredits church doctrines and theology.

If you were familiar with Zecharia Sitchin's books, or mythology, or Ancient Gods or Ancient Astronauts this would be easier to understand.

Anyway, what I found, and can prove with the most revered and trusted book in history, the Bible, is ~ the church is lying about just about everything. And the lies they are perpetrating are most damning to those that hold those tenets dear.

(I've written several books but due to the controversial nature of the books, and the fact that one of them was even changed at the printers I'm somewhat hesitant to sell the rights to the books just to have them shelved. So I make them by hand. My phones are tapped everywhere I move, I got feedback when I laid my phone on my Bible, the black helicopters, the whole bit.)

There's so much evidence but this is just an e-mail...

Anyway I can prove that the God worshipped by the church is not "in Heaven", but is right here on Earth making full use of the fact the churches are the richest corporations in the world. He is the "God Father" of Italy living next door to the Pope, and nothing more. He controls the United Nations governments. He and his two other "Gods" with him, not to mention the Legion of 144,000 Annunaki, and everyone that serves them are the massive dark powers that have horrible plans for humanity.

The reason for the Middle East war is because he has his ship parked there underground. There is another I saw on a video parking in a penthouse in a Mexico City high rise on a video tape before the show it was on got canceled. I don't know where the others would be parked other than in a government laboratory trying to figure out how to make other ones like them. Just like Hitler tried to make spaceships.

So the reason the government is hiding the UFO information, besides their involvement with the Greys that are now gone thanks to the Good Guys that have spaceships also and ran them off, is because the gov't. doesn't want us to know that the God served by one third of the world's population, is right here on Earth.

That "his excellency in the sky", his "pillar of smoke by day and fire by night" and the way he made wildernesses out of beautiful land, was with his saucer shaped spaceship that came stock with the "consuming fire" and "fire and brimstone" attachments, not to mention the flies, frogs and lice incubators.

The church denied UFOs because they didn't want anyone to know who it was flying around ~ which were their Bosses!

Another reason is: a major change I found in my Revelation book I had printed at the printers came back with a line I had not put in there in the Time Line of the Book. It said: "In 2002 those who do not take the mark will be rescued."

A resounding affirmation for the "rapture" which is a church doctrine created out of thin air that appeared in theology a few hundred years ago or so.

This is also the leading contention of the New Age. That "benign" space brethren are going to rescue the "good people" before it gets real nasty here on Earth. If the U.S. government has space technology they obtained from the Greys to make spaceships which they obviously have since they're being shown on national television, the whole hoax is ~ taking volunteers that jump on a spaceship, whether they are Christians believing in a "rapture" or New Agers believing in "benign space brethren", they will be jumping on US spaceships voluntarily, willingly to go wherever they take them!

If you have noticed, the church has reversed their stand on UFOs. As did the government. Why? Why are they now saying UFOs and Aliens exist, after vehemently denying them for so long?

Peter, in 2012 the dominion of Earth changes from the hands of the criminals that rule it now, back to the hands of the Annunaki that created Paradises before Jehovah destroyed them all. Jehovah became a criminal around 1600-1800 BC. He would not go to Exile, so Exile was sent to him. The Good Annunaki that got tired of their lands and cities being laid to waste with everyone dying, left the planet's surface, kicking the Exiles out of the interior onto the surface and have been residing in the interior until Nibiru returns in 2012 AD.

Jehovah had the largest weaponry on his space ship, which is how he turned Sodom and Gomorrah into a Dead Sea Wasteland and then destroyed Egypt.

These criminals will be evicted from Earth and want slave breeders, which is what they're counting on with one third of the world's population that are Christians that follow blindly the "wolf in sheep's clothing", not to mention Jews and Muslims that also worship this "one omnipotent God", not to mention the spaceship jumping New Agers, to go with someone that is nothing more than a man with a spaceship, and a world government and world religion supporting him, them.

The MARS program of creating technology to reach from Earth to Mars is because that is where Exile will be located after 2012. The criminals are trying to create the technology to get back here after we get rid of them!

This is about four or more books I've written worth of summary.

I know how this all must sound, and you're probably thinking I'm nuts (stand in line) but I have the proof that this whole thing is a very big plot that is very detrimental to the public at large. And so far, I'm the only one that knows these things except the ones I've told, and plus the other Good Guys that are on other assignments. I would like those who could use the information to put it to good use before I upset the big guys really, really bad.

If I told you how and why I am the only one that knows these things, you would really think I was nuts, so I won't tell you. You just have to accept the evidence that I can provide which I thought would be enough, using the Bible, science, history and archaeology as proof.

So that's why the government doesn't want people to know anything about UFOs. They don't want us to know who is who, and that the God served by one third of the world plus, is just a bad guy with a spaceship that wants slaves for eternity.

It's a very big conspiracy. I'm hope you're not a religious man, or I just offended you greatly, didn't I?  Let me know what you think. Like I said, I have four books worth of information to prove conclusively this is what is happening. And when all the evidence is laid out, and the mind is given a chance to grasp the logic of it all, it will scare you as it did me.

What I have is what is known as "The Mystery of God to be revealed in the End of Days". "The Final Revelation" mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls which the Catholic Church still has not released the remaining scrolls yet, even after 55 years of insistence by the World of Academia. Also, "The Great Deception".

I too would think I was nuts, except the evidence stands on it's own. Plus, I wouldn't have men up my telephone poles everywhere I moved, and clicking phones and all the other joyous events that have occurred.

I just wanted to help you if I could. Plus, I want as many people to know what I found before I am no longer able to tell anyone.



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