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Reasons for Secrecy - Rebuttal

Philip C. Mock ( writes:

First let me compliment you on this wonderful website.

Regarding Mr. Barber's comment's on reasons for secrecy.

1. "We have no defense for this if they be hostile." If an alien race is able to move from one star system to another yes we are far from equaling their technology. Should this interstellar species be hostile, they would not be concerned whether we are aware of them or not. The results will always be the same. We lose. It seems logical that they are not completely hostile. The best course of action would then be to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with them. However should an alien species originating inside this solar system be flying ships in our atmosphere, we could stand a chance of competing with them technologically on a battle field should they be hostile. Worldwide awareness in this scenario would be more effective to push our technology to meet theirs should all methods of compromise be exhausted. The only situation where secrecy would be beneficial is if an alien race deems it to be necessary.

2. "People in general will panic if told the truth." Self fulfilling prophecy. I firmly believe that people are ready for a change and would welcome exposing any clandestine alien contact with a government. The only people who would panic would be those striving to maintain the secret. We are strong species capable of adapting both physically and mentally toward bettering our civilization. I have faith in our people.

3. "People are basically ignorant and cannot or will not comprehend this" Wow. I hope this view isn't shared by all of the people who have been entrusted with protecting this nation. Perhaps we should remember Plato's allegory of the cave and make our goal be bringing people into the "light" instead of pointing out the darkness.

I understand why these might have been logical to those who decided upon it when first proposed, but to continue this line of reasoning as well as having spread by the ones from which these secrets are kept can do nothing but delay disclosure further.

Thanks guys keep up the great work!


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