Humans Are Not Weak, Mr. Beek

Source: Ruth T.

I wish to put the records straight about human beings being the ones that are aggressive. No. Mr. Beek, we are innately NOT that way, but have been USED that way for 300,000 years to play out scenarios of a progenitor race of beings.  These beings if you read Zechariah Sitchin have been manipulating us like predatory puppeteers for our energy, our vital force, our emotional depth and because we get the karma from it and they just get to suck off the fear and terror that *their* battles cause. We are their food.

Haven't you noticed that we are not warring any more? Haven't you noticed that the Middle East did not erupt according to the predator's plans? Why did this NOT occur? Because the human beings you think are so weak.. CHOSE by intention to stop the war. It did not happen... it will not happen because the consciousness of humanity says "Enough!" That is in itself a demonstration of our move towards the high civilization you envision. We are clearly on our way and statements of negativity like yours do little to help this momentum.

I am sorry that you have not noticed that the scene has changed since 1987 and the Harmonic Conversion when enough light workers stood up and declared this horrific experiment in slavery obsolete and untenable. Since that event which marked a pivotal moment in the history of humanity, I and my fellow light workers have personally observed and interacted with this predatory influence to transmute it; the lightworkers and the incoming children of the Indigo ray ( ) have been diligently and quietly raising the spiritual frequency of humanity along with the Earth (Gaia) ( to restore humanity to the role of Earth stewards that we were intended for.

We are not victims of any Aliens. On the contrary, they most fear us, for we have something remarkable and totally incredible within us. It sounds corney.. it sounds fantastical to a western ear, but we are THAT GOD that is ALL that IS in a pure,clear form. There is no dispute on this.  

What obstructs our knowing this is our mind.. the chatterbox in our heads that is so easily manipulated by television,computers, radio frequencies, microwaves and persuasive advertising. If we can but silence this mind which is as I write, being entirely manipulated by the very predatory beings who want us to be slaves and meat for their dinner table, if we can but silence this chatterbox mind through meditation, orgasm, fully creative moments, physical exercise or any moments when the thinking mind stops, THEN Mr. Beek.. we are MASTERS of this planet of ours and no one and nothing can push us around or stop our ascension to these civilized states that you wish for us. This living nature that exists still in humanity and which is especially prevalent among the youngsters arriving on our planet who do not accept negative perameters of victimhood, this nature is indefatigable, unconquerable, totally awesome and fully aligned with the cosmic will. Nothing can overcome it since it is based in love and life. The Aliens you think so awesome, are fully aware of this, but we and you are not. Their task has been to fool and abuse us into missing the truth of our nature. The Harmonic Convergence was our chance to take back our power over our precious gifts from God and begin to use them for the purpose they were intended. That process is fully underway.

I can assure you that this is the goal that the mass consciousness is headed. I am sorry that you were persuaded by a book written in fear to believe otherwise. I would advise anyone who is reading books that incite any fear, to immediately do something called "equal and opposite" on the information. It has to be false. Fear is not part of the human natural state. Fear is an induced emotion to control humanity. Fear must be transmuted.

We share our cosmos with other universes. One of these is an opposite and equal one. When you experience fear here, the opposite experience exists in this other universe. Pray or meditate to ask that your fear find its opposite in this other universe  and then allow your spirit to go out into the universe and find this opposite. This technique  is better described in this article (see more techniques ).  

When you bring the opposite to your fear, your fear becomes ZERO.. it disappears forever. You will never have to experience it again...and you have just stepped out of control by predatory beings.  These techniques have been effectively used by me and  my friends ( on physical illnesses as well. See this site for more data.

We are not puny. We are not victims. We are incredibly powerful masters, co creating a heaven on this Earth. Your dream then... > > Perhaps a noble wish for the new millennium: try to live together in > harmony, be more compassionate, honest, and try to overcome your > selfishness, contain your aggressiveness and come to peace with the  people> around you. Only then we will really enter an new millennium! "--John Beek" John Beek.. WILL BE MANIFESTED.. it is all underway. The evidence is happening around you every day.. but you may not see it on the physical as it is happening on the subtle levels.. tune in there.. and you will be totally impressed by the speed and transformation that is taking place. You will be very proud to see that Humanity is on its way to becoming a type I civilization as Michio Kaku would say. Totally sure of this and optimistically setting this intention I am ... Isis Om Tat Sat



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