Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Source: Kevin D.

The work of CAUS in opening the government records on UFO research is important to both the scientific community as well as the general public.  The established scientific community is highly skeptical of UFO sightings and of reports of abductions by extraterrestrials.  However, it is clear, even to a serious skeptic that overwhelming anecdotal evidence for these phenomena deserves more and closer scrutiny.

While searches for ETI both outside of our solar system and within it are necessary, it is my intuition that the search within will more easily yield convincing evidence. All human science requires observation by the human senses and interpretation with the human psyche.  It is therefore unreasonable for the established scientific communtity to continue to discredit the observations of many individuals and corroborating accounts by groups of individuals of these highly unusual and ordinarily unexplainable phenomena.

It is, of course, possible that most or all of these encounters may eventually be explained by as of yet unknown physical features of the native terrestrial environment, by secret terrestrial military projects, or by unexplained psychological phenomena. However, by the same token, it is illogical to patently exclude extraterrestrial origins for at least some of these unexplained phenomena because of the limitations of our current level of intelligence. In order to remain open intellectually, we cannot absolutely deny the possibilty of ignorance of some physical features of our own technology, the earth itself, or of the workings of our minds, nor can we deny at least the possibility of ETI.

Whether or not the putative ETI life form(s) are of extra-solar systemic or extra-galactic origins is not important to their discovery if they exist transiently near earth.  What is critical is devising experiments that will prove that these observed phenomena are not hallucinations.  Perhaps the most important aspect of this is reducing the negative sociological impact on one's credibility as a scientist in the undertaking of research on these unexplained phenomena.  Since this type of research is currently not supported in a major way by government funding, it is also both difficult and counterproductive for establishment scientists to pursue it in their careers. Given the potential for advances in our own technolgy and civilization it can be argued that this failure to fund research on unexplained UFO phenomena is irresponsible.

Assuming for a moment that at least some UFO sightings result from ETI activities, the putative ETI beings possess mechanisms of propulsion that are beyond our current ability to understand. Given their advanced technology, it follows that the extraterrestrials may also be more advanced in evolution than is our race. Since the humanoid form is a product of evolution, if an extraterrestrial race evolved independently, then it is likely that their evolution followed similar selection for form and function in a similar enviroment of elements.  It is also possible that the ETI race seeded terrestrial evolution as an experiment beginning with simple replicating crystals, proteins or nucleic acids, or with more advanced bacteriological or viral biota in order to determine if the evolutionary process were reproducible. If this is true, then the purported biological experiments conducted on alien abductees are logical. On the other hand, it may be that the creator or creator race generated the universe as we know it from alternative physical environs and substances, and would thus take on a Judeo-Christian God-like aspect. The iconoclastic challange to the human psychic status quo is clearly sufficiently dangerous that government agencies including prominently the military are loath to fully report on UFO phenomena. The declassification of all UFO sightings by the government would be a substantial step in the right direction toward legitimizing their scientific investigation.

Having actually witnessed a UFO sighting myself in the presence of a friend who also observed it, I hope to lend some credence to the possibility that these phenonmena, while possibly optical tricks, are certainly neither personal hallucinations nor paranormal hoaxes.  Our observation of a UFO in New York state twenty years ago closely matched similar sightings I have subsequently read of by many others.  And while that is probably a strain on my own credibility, personally I can only conclude that seeing is indeed believing. 



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