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David Icke's lecture: The Biggest Secret

by Kathy Kasten (

DATE: November 21, 1999, 12:00 PM, Woodland Hills Hilton, California
TOPIC: The Biggest Secret
Ambient Music: "We Are the Power" and "Larger Than Life" sung by the Back Street Boys.

David Icke was dressed from foot to neck in black, and for most of the lecture spoke outside any of the spotlights focused directly beyond the foot of the speaker's platform. Hidden almost in darkness.

It had been a couple of years since I last heard Icke speak. At that time he was using a degrading term when referring to the people in his audience. "Sheeple!" He no longer peppers his lectures with this term. However, all of the rest of his previous lecture of 4 years ago was there, i.e., "they are stopping everyone from knowing the truth" lecture. Plus, there is a new addition of a clip from Monty Python's movie "The Life of Brian" to emphasize the message that "everybody should think for themselves." Plus, the same message was repeated with a clip from the movie "Antz." Most of this part of the lecture was a rehash of Jordan Maxwell's material regarding Masonic symbolism, plus researchers like Acharya's information regarding the true nature of Christianity and Laurence Gardner's massive lifetime research into royal bloodlines. All material more thoroughly discussed and intensively researched elsewhere. It would be my suggestion that you read the books of those authors, and others who write about this information for a living.

At midpoint in the lecture was the reason most people came. Credo Mutwa. It is claimed that Mutwa is a Zulu shaman. And, the reason David Icke is representing him in America is that Mutwa's religious philosophy supports Icke's contention that a reptilian race is, at this time, interacting with humans. According to Mutwa, this reptilian race has been interacting with humans since the very beginning of human history on the planet. Icke let Mutwa speak directly to the audience through a video Icke had available at the back of the ballroom for $49.95 plus S&H; of $3.50. The clip of the video we were shown was, of necessity, only a part of Mutwa's testimony. (The full text of an interview with Mutwa can be read in The Spectrum; Volume 1, Number 5, October 5, 1999.) Unlike the short clip from the video would suggest, Mutwa is touched by modern civilization, is self-tutored in the ufology scene and a very sophisticated worldly man who knows how to promote an agenda. I am not sure whether Icke's attempt at suggesting that Mutwa was the pure voice of a primitive belief system was intentional or not. Americans tend to be overtly racist, but the British (based on personal experience) tend to be subtler. As part of Icke's proof that the Zulu people were believers in things extraterrestrial, a slide of Mutwa's "ceremonial" necklace was shown. It was claimed that the necklace was made of copper and was a replica of a necklace passed down to Mutwa. "Replica" is the keyword here. My university level studies include archaeology/anthropology. Usually, the real thing is past down to the shaman because it contains the power of all the shaman before him. A replica is not the usual, traditional, way a powerful relic is handed down. In addition, Icke was pointing out to the audience various pieces on the necklace and claiming one piece was suppose to represent a spaceship. It looked like a symbol of an indigenous native's house. Another piece was suppose to be an "alien." To me, based on museum visits I have made to study African art, it looked like a typical tribe spirit totem. A typical, non-ET looking indigenous native male. Icke was the source of the description, not Mutwa. What Mutwa presented, in both the video and the Spectrum article, was a painting he had done of what he calls the Chitauli, a reptilian looking being. It looked oddly familiar to me, but not from a "face-to-face" event, but an image I have seen in a publication somewhere. Another statement of Mutwa's religious belief is his claim that the Zulu people came from the stars.

The point is that Mutwa has traveled all over the world, and interacted with many people in ufology. Unless we see Mutwa in the context of his cultural beliefs, other Zulu members unconnected with Mutwa making the same claims, we have only Mutwa's word and Icke's vested interest.

As proof of Icke's contention that the British royals are members of the reptilian race, he offered Princess Diana's thoughts - mentioned to a "friend", who mentioned it to a reporter of a British tabloid - that "the royals were positively reptilian." In other words, this is just plain unsubstantiated anecdotal testimony of a third, fourth and hundredth party. Not even close to being evidentiary proof of anything except everybody likes to gossip about the British royals.

Another of Icke's "proofs"? That Ted Heath is/was a reptile? This from a woman who claimed her husband had presided over satanic rituals at Burnham Beaches in England "for years."

Last, but not least, Cathy O'Brien's statements that George Bush turned into a reptile before her very eyes.

After three and a half hours, it was time for me to leave as my entertainment and credulity level had been reached. I left the ballroom and met up with a man looking after his children in the hallway outside the ballroom. "So, how was it?," he asked me. "Boring!" was my reply as I made the long walk to find my car in the cavernous parking garage.


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