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Believers, Infidels, Blind Chickens, And Broken Clocks

Posey ( writes:

There seems to be a trend that has been tearing the UFO and Alien Abduction Research community apart. It always seems to come down to believe as I do or you are expelled from the chat room, news group, or the organization. As a result of this, we Experiencers are, these many years later, still wandering an alien landscape in our bedrooms at night, and wondering what it's all about, and no closer to finding the answers we are all so deeply seeking. elievers, Skeptics and Infidels alike.

Although I have had Encounters with UFOs, Alien Entities, and Quantum Events as far back as I can remember, when asked if I believe in UFOs or Alien Abductions I will always answer with a resounding "No!" I don't believe for, I cannot believe, because to believe, you have to put your faith in an idea that you yourself have not experienced. I am a True Experiencer so I know, and therefore can no longer believe! Believe me, once you have a true encounter with these things, belief is the first thing that goes flying out of the window, shortly followed by you. Your first thoughts are "Holy ( Fill in the expletive of your choice ) I don't believe this! " >From that moment on you're instantly transformed in to an Infidel, a True Nonbeliever, for you no longer believe.... You know!

You are now and forever an Experiencer and so you "Know" that these things are real, and thus are no longer afforded the luxury of Believing these things are real. The True Believers in this phenomena, are not those that have belief in the possibility of such things, but those that have Experienced them, and so know them to be true! It seems to me the only people that I have ever had trouble with within my many years of encounters have been the Believers.

Both those that Believe in this Phenomena, and those that believe they don't believe in this phenomena better known as Skeptics. Skeptics have to believe they do not believe for they will tell you in a heart beat "I can't prove a negative, in other words I can't prove that UFOs and Aliens don't exist." So they have to "Believe," they believe, they don't exist, for they do not know if that is so. These two groups of Believers are always the flies in the ointment.

Their fanatical Believing forces them to draw battle lines, where there should be lines of communication established. It has been my experience and human history bares me out that it is always the Believers that end up banishing, banning, burning, blowing up, our tarring down, torturing, maiming, crucifying, an otherwise murdering those that do not believe as they do. To Believers it is always a game of numbers to them in other words it seems the more that they get to believe as they do the "Righter" they think they are, and the "Wronger" the other Believer (Skeptic) are. This is a ridiculous way to search for truths.

This process ends up blinding both factions to the truths seen by either. That truth end up being destroyed, or covered up by the opposing faction. Or the real Experiencer ends up being killed by a fanatic of either one or both factions. Once most of the world believed it was flat, but that did not make the world flat. Once most believed the Earth was the center of all things, and that did not make the Earth the center of all things. Once most of the world had never seen a gorilla, and there too that did not Non-exist gorillas. You see in the end belief does nothing to the conditions that exist. Yet here we are preparing to enter a new millennia with Believers still fighting over things they do not know but believe in.

The fact of it is all True Experiencers, do not care if they are believed or not, never have, and never will. No matter what numbers all the Number Crunchers comes up with, pro or con it means nothing to the True Experiencer. In the end, you see they realize it will not change their experiences to know, how many do believe, or how many believe they don't believe them. They do not try to get anyone to believe, one way or the other, for it is not important what people believe about this subject, or anything else for that matter. It is only because I have experienced these things first hand, that I know both sides are right in some things, while also acknowledging that both sides are also wrong in others. I speak about my experiences with hopes to meet others that have had similar encounters.

So the taunts of Philip Klass on The Jackie Mason Show made no difference to me. I shut him up with proof. The idiotic snide remarks made to me by Richard Bey did not shake me. Nor did the nonsensical claims of some of the other self proclaimed abductees on that same program. On CNN News Talk Live the confused (babbelations) of Budd Hopkins, nor the crazy (ramblelations) of Dr. Jerry Lee, and unconvincing footage of John Fords' crashed Long Island UFO, did not shame me into silence either. Why should it? I know what I know, and what I know is that the truth of my experiences is not hinged on anybody's' beliefs.

What does matter is that I tell what I experienced as clearly and truthfully as I can? Let those with ears to hear it, hear it, and those with eyes to see it, see it. To eject any one from a discussion group because you do not like what they are saying in the end will silence those Experiencers among you that may wish to speak, but are too frightened to do so, for fear that what they have to say may likewise cause them to be ejected from the group. That is how cults are born. Remember, even a blind chicken finds a kernel of corn now and then, and even a broken clock is right two times a day. The truth is, the truth is ugly, for it always has parts to it that you or someone else may not like to be known. Still to silence any part of it because it runs contrary to your, or anyone else's belief, makes it a half truth, and as we all know half truths are whole lies. So I say why should a Skeptic be ostracized for asking questions someone may find hard to answer? If one feels a question or statement does not merit a response then be silent. Such remarks will only matter to one that has not had one of these experiences, for they fear it will shift the balance in the Numbers Game they are playing. They worry that people may start to believe what the skeptic says, and the scales of belief will then tilt in the skeptics favor... Well, so what if they do! What will that change, other than other Believers beliefs? If so, then they were never really sure about their beliefs anyway. By the demanding of the expelling of a skeptic, it also gives rise to the appearance that the one demanding this expulsion, may not be firm in their own beliefs.

I have been in this battle for a long time and it has always been those that you would suppose you are fighting for, that are the same ones that will always put the knife into your back. Nine times out of ten it will be done not by the Skeptic but a Believer. One that has not had the experience, but believes in it with a fanaticism that verges on insanity. Because they are Believers, they will believe anything, and so it was Believers that died in the Heavens Gate tragedy. Any real Experiencer knows that if they were coming to get you, they can get you without you killing yourself. Not one real Experiencer would have ever fallen for Applewaites' spiel, or under his spell. They know that these entities can reach you anytime, and any place they choose to.

In the darkness of your bed room at night, or in the crowded streets of Times Square midday, or midnight New years Eve, it does not matter to them. They can function with in the pauses of our space time continuum. People vanish every day, do they not? It is not only true the one beside you can be taken in the twinkling of an eye, without you noticing, it has probably happened many times unnoticed right under your nose. Who pays attention or takes count of the faces they meet on the congested streets, or on a subway car after the lights flicker off and on again? Ever been standing in a crowded room or bus and suddenly notice an empty seat that you'd swear wasn't empty a moment ago? Think about that the next time you are rushing to get that empty seat, as to why its empty when all the others are taken. Was it just your luck that you saw it before any one else did? Or was someone that was sitting there snatched away, just a second before you noticed it. It is the Believers that bring the madness into this phenomena.

By running around with the ET masks, flying saucer hats, and the "I got abducted by aliens and all I got was this lousy tee shirt," tee shirts on. They make this entire phenomena both a joke, and very, very lucrative. Oh yes indeed, these Believers are very, very good for business, however. Cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching they will keep the cash registers ringing, if you are in this to make money. hat is why they are so important in the Numbers Game. Its because Believers have deep pockets, that ETs are now selling us everything from cars to sodas, to collect calls.

It is not some government plot to condition mankind for their eventual landing. Nor because it is a sign that our world is ready to embrace {{{Space Brothers.}}} Hell, most people can't even deal with the (Earth Brothers) you see on the streets everyday. Nor has it any thing to do with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Or our entering the Photon Belt. It's all about the money....Believers have deep pockets! Wrap a cow pie in silver paper call it a Pleiadian Vegetarian Love Biscuit and you can get a Believer to swallow it. Roll your eyes to the top of your head and speak with a funny voice and you can get Believers to follow you. Paint yourself green, slap on a Klingon wig, adorn a backwards running watch and the media will put your face around the world. All the while amidst the clamor, glamour, chaos and uproar, the True Experiencers go unseen, unheard, unsought, and ignored.

Enigmas of this type should be looked at from all sides, so do not misunderstand me. I am not saying that Believers offer no benefit to this phenomena. Their shear numbers alone do exert some influence on those that are influenced by poles, such as politicians and the like. But when it comes to them dictating the parameters that any discussion of these matters should go to, and not beyond, now you have gone from research to religion, and there in is the problem. This will cause stagnation of the learning process, which will lead to another crop of coo coo cults full of Believers pulling other horrible acts that the media will flock to as does flies to blood. Leaving the Experiencers to clean up the mess made by those to whom which this was but a passing fancy. True Experiencers will fall silent again, for fear of the ridicule that deservingly so, should be cast on the Believers, but which undeservingly so will be directed at the Experiencers.

I used to think that only the Skeptical Believers were the nastiest group of the two Believers factions, but recently I have received and read postings from Believers that are far worse than anything I have ever read from any one. Things that I will not repeat here, for the thought of such things are so repulsive to me. Skeptics normally only attack with snide and nasty remarks, but now there are those threatening violence against the Skeptics. There in is the danger of Believers, that become so caught up in their believing that they feel that any one of an opposing view point must be "cleansed" somehow. It is these things that have silenced Betty Hill, and drove her into retirement. Even some Experiencers now have gone over board it seems, thinking they are special because of their encounters. They are not, they are just the rat chosen for this experiment this time. If your house is on fire the aliens will not save you. You can chant, meditate, ring bells, read from ancient books, light candles, and strobe flashlights into a starry nights sky, as much as you want, but if you are not the deer with the tag in its ear they won't come. Nor will they come if it does not suit their purpose, I don't care who you are. You are not the one that is in control of these arrangements, you are the subject, not the motivator.

What is next planting bombs and hiring hit squads? You know there are those that say because Arian or Nordics have been seen, when they come back all other races but Caucasian will be killed by them. Others say because the Nibiru were black or people of color they are coming back to kill the whites. Then as if that is not nutty enough there are those that are saying they are coming back to kill all the non abductees. There are those that call them Gods or GOD, waiting to fall prostrate before them. Still others call them demons or The Devil, and are waiting to kill them. There has already been a world wide suicide pact drawn up and signed. Did you know that?

In 1997 I was invited to lecture at the UN about my experiences and encounters, and to show my series of videos of craft I have taken over the years. At that same conference Col. Colman Von Keviczky was advocating detonating every nuclear device on the Earth. So already everyone is waiting for them to come back and kill the other guy, but in truth we all will die. Hmm, and we wonder why they just don't land on the lawn of the White House or in the middle of Red Square, and make their presence known to all? Ha, an hour after touch down our world would be in flames, set to torch by our own hands.

Do you still wonder why the world governments are keeping a cover on this? No one has a full perspective on this, not either faction of the Believers, not the Experiencers, and not our governments. These are telepathic beings as once we were, thus all of one mind. To communicate with us now we must all also be of one mind. Not shattered and scattered into many factions, fighting amongst themselves. Unless we put aside this petty bickering they'll never land, and you best pray they don't, before we all get our act together here on Earth. Wake up and smell the coffin, for its your funeral if you don't. Thank you for your time.


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