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Who's on the Moon…and Mars?

In a lecture delivered by Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D, at the March, 2000 Ventura/Santa Barbara Mutual UFO Network meeting, he made mention that the U.S. had small outposts not only on the Moon, but also on Mars. I found that hard to believe. But on second thought I had to ask myself, "Is it really?"

Over the last few years there have been an increasing amount of reports of antigravitic craft developed with Black Project money (since the Roswell crash in 1947) by extraconstitutional groups run by the industrial/military complex. In November I wrote an article about a piece in Popular Mechanics magazine about a disc-shaped, space-capable bomber: the Lenticular Reentry Vehicle, (LRV). In recent years Boylan and his sources have made reference to several anti-gravitional craft: Lockheed's X-22 two-man disc, and the triangular TR3B produced by Lockheed-Martin, and a large space craft named "Nautilus", produced by Boeing and the European Union's Airbus Industries.

Dr. Steven Greer, the head of CSETI, also makes reference to secret, Black Projects, using    back-engineered alien technology, to make the public believe UFOs are real, and also foster the idea that the ETs are "evil" beings. He claims these extra-constitutional groups are behind what many claim to be ET abductions and cattle mutilations, to further the cover-up. Greer mentions such programs in his book Extraterrestrial Contact, a very good read. CSETI believes the ETs are peaceful beings here doing research. "These beings have bases within this solar system", Greer says in his book, "and may maintain temporary bases on Earth, particularly under water." Those claims are based on work CSETI does quietly in the field interacting with alien craft. This reporter has seen video tape of such an encounter filmed in the Santa Monica mountains. It was very impressive.

Does the US, along with international partners have the capability to go to the Moon, or Mars?

"Figure this," Dr. Boylan said to me. "We went to the Moon on the official Apollo 1 through 14 series, and then suddenly, mysteriously, we seemed to lose interest in the Moon. The public doesn't know what has happened after that. As I understand it, we stopped going to the moon because the ETs communicated to NASA's astronauts that we were not welcome to colonize space until we gave up our nuclear weapons and weapons-happy culture of agression. That isn't in keeping with the peaceful society of civilizations in the cosmos. I don't know how long the lag was filling the gap with secret, undeclared flights to the moon. Sometime in the last thirty to forty years that gap has been closed with traffic including back-engineered anti-gravity craft as a means to getting out there." NASA's official position is that public apathy and budget cuts were the cause.

The Roswell UFO crash happened fifty-three years ago. "Far from digging an ET vehicle out of the sand, we're now flying now flying our own anti-gravity copies thereof; crude but but effective copies," Dr. Boylan stresses. "Far from wishing someday we could go out into space where those vehicles come from, we've not only been out there with reconnaissance vehicles, but secretly, with advanced astronaut teams to the Moon, Mars, and perhaps, beyond."

I wish I could prove this is true. I can't. I do think we have the capability. I do know Greer's book, and conversation's with Richard Boylan sure have made me think about it. I hope you will too.



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