A U.S. Military Toy?

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I recently moved to the Atlanta region. I have always had a keen interest in UFOs, and was happy to hear that this area has seen a lot of "flying triangle" activity in recent years. Dobbins AFB is here, and many people claim they are responsible for many of these sightings. However, since unusual aircraft are not uncommon here, such craft seldom raise any eyebrows until they are witnessed at low altitudes providing better visibility. One such occasion was the recent sighting of a triangle flying low over southern Georgia, crossing into Florida. Local Fox news channels ran video of this sighting of October 18, 1999.

As you've stated in your article, triangle shaped craft have been seen since the 19th century. However, I feel that more and more of these recent sightings are US military. Rumors of an exotic new 'plasma' propulsion system powering triangle-shaped craft known as the TR-3 are beginning to fill up many UFO web pages. There seems little doubt that these TR-3 craft were reverse-engineered from recovered alien technology, but the manner in which they are reported to fly indicates someone is just learning the ropes of these enormous craft. Many of these sightings report them to fly relatively low, perhaps to avoid any other air traffic or radar. Also, they move slowly and deliberately, often in a circular course. These techniques are remeniscent of a 16-year-old just learning how to drive a car. And, interestingly enough, an Air Force base is usually located in the center of these circular flight patterns.

It seems to me the US military has been given a new toy and they are just training pilots to fly them. What are your thoughts on this theory?



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