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This is Jack O'Brien's latest web page on the on-line book "The Mars Records" by Michael and Stephanie Relfe with his synopsis. I have added my comments to it. This reflects the items Jack feels are significant in light of the Armageddon Chronicles and these items verify very convincingly much of what Jack and I have experienced with Osiris, my astronaut and astronomer friend who is a victim of this very same programming and alien control.

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Since reading this book has triggered many hidden memories for me, I would have selected other items of interest, particularly the Wernicke's Correction (p. 36) which indicates the mind control programming that was actually done on Mars to the humans sent there. They would be strapped into a sort of dentist chair, given drugs to open up parts of their consciousness and then shown movies or virtual reality scenarios to influence their subconscious. This programming is all subliminally acted out, and had been Booby Trapped to prevent the victim remembering his own experiences. This same programming was outlined clearly in "Psychic Warrior" by David Morehouse (is he still alive?).  

The victim would have messages in his brain that told him to stop his own heart if  he violated  any of the "commands" in his Wernicke's area. Some of these commands were "You'll lose your mind if you remember." "You'll go insane if you remember."  "You will not live if you remember."  Is it any wonder that these Mars secrets have been so closely guarded up to now?   Isn't it amazing that Dr. Stephen Greer has 90 witnesses willing to go through this programming and threat to speak their truth before Congress. (I wonder if the Bush govt. will allow this now...!)

Fortunately Stephanie Relfe (a therapist) has found away of DEprogramming this part of the human psyche and given this Mars' visitor a chance to have a fairly settled existence, although he is always at risk of being murdered and lives with that every day. Her book explains in detail her methods of deprogramming through muscle testing (Kinesiology) and NLP with hook ups to machines to register Emotional Stress Release. Her work is to be applauded.

What is interesting to me is that reading this book (PDF format) which took several hours as it is rather clinical for good reason, it triggered some of my own subconscious memories and I got strange feelings of dread, death and horror coming over me like waves.  When I did not seek a remedy to dull or null this pain, but stared it full in the face (as a fearless Yogi is taught to do) out came a memory (thanks to Jack's help here). This was of my father's cousin taking me to a Masonic meeting when I was a little tiny girl and doing some sexual ritual with me on a table with 7 candles that involved Wookies (tall hairy slaves to the Greys) and Greys. My uncle was standing around in a crowd and thought he was initiating me in some way to become a sexual slave I believe. My father was not present but had colluded with my uncle to get me there.

As I reexperienced this trauma and saw that the Greys had taken the souls of all the Masons there and put their souls into jars in a purple velvet cave, I realized part of me had been left there too. So I took that back to myself. (I did this by becoming the goddess Kali - but that is one for the book!) Jack and I had to laugh about the Mason's jars!

I'd been trying to grapple with this wave of death and fear that would wash over me and journaled in my diary about it when I suddenly realized that this had happened to me every single November for years. Then I realized it was an anniversary memory. Once I had walked THROUGH the fear, FACED the fear and UNCOVERED the truth, it lost any power over me. The charge was gone.. and it released incredible  energy surges that feel like Kundalini awakening all over again. Since the first week of November I do not eat much, yet I have tremendous stamina. I have been through a marathon of grading term papers for two weeks, which I have done for 20+ years, and this is the FIRST year I have done it with ease and without STRAIN and no reluctance at the hours of restrained sitting. I can find no other answer to this dramatic change in me.  

The evidence is clear that this memory held a tremendous amount of my soul force that has returned to me now.  The message I have to impart to all is that if YOU feel this sense of dread or waves of "death like "feelings washing over you, do not run from this into a bottle of alcohol or puff on your weed...FACE it down.  I am pretty sure you will find that some being has put a message into your Wernicke's area of the brain NOT to walk through the veil, not to ask what lies beyond this fear, not to go into the purple cave and claim your soul back. Facing fear is not easy or comfortable but it is the ONLY way out. The conviction I have is that I have no fear of death, so what could be fearful to me? Only ignorance is fearful.

This memory of interference by Greys came back without hardly any pain or terror because of the amount of familiarity I have had with their existence here and from seeing them, both in 3rd dimension and 4th. By the way, they seem to be able to only visit me on the 4th dimension now.. in a sort of ghost like form. They are forbidden to come into the 3rd now.

Not only did I uncover this memory that held an important part of my soul, but I began to understand better why my Osiris is so afraid to approach me for fear of my being killed. I understood his situation with new compassion. What a blessing this book has been. This book has thus changed me forever. I highly recommend you wade through the technical language and contact Stephanie Relfe if you have any questions. She deserves everyone's support. The Goddesses are holding this planet together.(Her Email address is TOP SECRET above). She is typically harrassed like the rest of us, but would enjoy hearing from you.
Here is Jack's synopsis:

This book is is published on the internet at the following URL: and is 375 pages in length. It contains the story of a military man being de-programmed as a result of several years under the control of the ETs and the secret government, in which he describes his involvement as a fighter space craft pilot on the planet Mars, among other jobs, and training in the use of weapons systems hundreds of years in advance of what we are aware of.. Most of the story is in the form of clinical notes taken during his deprogramming, which do not make easy reading. So I have selected pages from this book containing interesting topics, and listed them below.

This story parallels very closely the story of the man under the same kind of control described in the Armageddon Chronicles.

The book printed page numbers (listed below) are 9 digits lower than the computer page numbers because of 9 unnumbered pages at the beginning of the book

P. 51: Author mentally reached into another man's chest and squeezing his heart. He stopped himself but not before he damaged the man's heart. (episode in early part of book describes Michael walking into a "tube" on earth and after 400 steps, walking out on Mars, apparently using a "portal" as also described in several adventures with ETs the authors write about in this URL. Didn't record page number) **The original Stargate. We believe there are others in Nevada, and Arizona doing the same thing.. particularly near to Yuma Arizona, probably the Gila Mountains.

P. 132: Preying mantis ETs involved
P. 134 Experiment in anti-aging
**Michael was regressed 20 years and returned to 1976 20 years old than when he walked into this stargate. He had a wife and a life on Mars and was then regressed back to 1976. His memories were crushed with that process which is why it was hard to access them. Did this happen to Osiris?
P. 135 example of somebody monitoring an Email address being logged onto
**Nothing new to most of you.

P. 144 example of types of advanced technology which were controlling Michael An inorganic transmitter connected to his 3rd eye and pineal gland.
**We have seen many such devices See my article on Mind Control

P. 145" Phase Disruptor" piece of alien technology that acts as an energetic scrambler
**Sue Potter and I have both been hit with it..

P. 147: Internal body wiring, some of which is "conscious". Michael's soul parts removed, and purpose for this being done

P.146 using a "coercion device" to control Michael
** Phones ringing, key words.. see the movie The Matrix

P. 148 vast storehouse of jars each filled with a soul part, used for locating its owner
**We have seen vats full of human remains which operate as "food " for Greys.  But when part of one's soul is captured (like zombies) one is not fully able to control ones' own power. Echoes what I saw at the Masonic meeting.

 P. 149 Removal of entities from Michael's sex chakra, Mention of Greys
p., 150 Creating one's own game, as opposed to others controlling it. Reading the rights to one's self-determination to a controlled spirit
P.151 (footnote) "As is" to look at something exactly as it is, causing it to vanish and cease to exist if it is not "real".
P. 154 Reference to Mars as a source of communication
P 159: Four divisions of his brain which do not communicate with each other, giving him four distinctly independent talents and memories
**Same experience with Osiris seeming to have disparate personalities and married to a woman with 5 personalities.. what a crazy farm! One thing is apparent though that one deep part of the psyche KNOWs everything that is done to it and that is the ESP part that travels through space simultaneously recording what is being done.. sort of the GOD FREQUENCY I would say. This is the personality that I relate to with Osiris. The other personalities are NOT him, but fake.

 P.162,3 Reference to a machine that is used to store memories in. (some blanked out pages, bad recording)
P. 225 reference to a "spider" creature type of enslaved alien
**See my essay on same type of thing used by the CIA to control dissidents
and people it wants to make crazy. (

P. 257, SEVERAL PAGES OF CONCLUSIONS BY THE AUTHOR. He states that he knows of weapons systems hundreds of years in advance of what we are aware of.
** He says that they advance 44 years ahead of the year before in comparison to our pace of advancement. p.258. genetic modifications and enhancements, surgical and chemical modifications p.259 possible purpose of publication of this book is an introduction to existence of "aliens". (Note: I have been told by my Guidance that no harm will come to anyone as a result of reading this book, in regard to aliens and gov't trying to keep this program secret.

Jack O'B
The last few pages of the book are stunning accounts by various time travelers about what they feel is happening with Mars and other issues of concern to humans, including Al Blielek the survivor of the "Philadelphia Experiment" and regular speaker on these topics. Reading this alone is worth the time for it reveals how AIDS has been spread, how Cell phones affect us and so forth.



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