Guest Commentary

Is ET Capturing Our Mars Spacecraft?

by George Filer

George Filer ( writies in Filer's Files #49 -- 1999:

One of the few scientists who ever studied UFOs, was Germany's world-famous father of rocketry, Professor Hermann Oberth. After three years of studying the information supplied by his own and other governments, the outspoken Oberth said at a news conference in 1954: "There is no doubt in my mind that these objects (UFO's) are interplanetary craft of some sort. I am confident that they do not originate in our solar system, but they may use Mars or some other body for a way station." MUFON's Antonio Huneeus interviewed him later and Oberth said he stood by his statements. His comments have new meaning based on the Mars Polar Lander failure and the September failure of the Mars Climate Orbiter. It is a total loss for the entire, $330 million Mars '98 project, which consisted of Polar Lander, the Deep Space 2 microprobes and the Climate Orbiter. Doesn't it seem strange that two out of every three of Earth's space probes going to Mars fail? You might remember we lost the billion dollar Mars Observer spacecraft in 1993, just as it was about to go into orbit. That gave NASA a wakeup call particularly since the Russian probes at met a similar fate. I suggest that Dan Goldin and NASA review the March 28, 1989, images showing a huge cylinder shaped craft intercepting the Soviet Phobos 2 spacecraft. The UFO interceptor is very similar to the ones reported by hundreds of witnesses here on Earth. We have multiple witness reports including pilot reports, videotapes and photos of these objects. ET may be waiting near Mars to capture or knock out our probes, but they are also here on Earth.

NASA realized it's kind of tough to reveal to the American public that we're losing billion dollar spacecraft to ET, even if they do pay for allot of scientists. So they did the next best thing. They cheapened the cost of spacecraft so American taxpayers only lost $157 million dollars for the Mars Polar Lander. Let's face it, NASA is in a tough spot. Congress may get upset with failed space probes and cut NASA's budget even further. It's tough to blame the failed probes on ET, so they have to admit they made some sort of a mistake. NASA continues to search for life on Mars. However, the fact that only a few of our space probes succeed provides evidence that something is out there. These Filer's Files costs nothing and operate on a shoe string, but we're apparently getting closer to proving intelligent life exits in the universe than NASA. Of course we have the services of a lot of dedicated MUFON, ISUR, National Reporting Center, Skywatch and other volunteer investigators. Ufolgists are getting better evidence each day. Imagine the kind of videos we could get with a few million dollars. The Filer Research Institute would be happy to consult with NASA and give them some techniques for getting past the ET defenders. NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin said, "It is conceivable that we will completely change our approach. "If I was Dan Goldin, I would want to get out the old Phobos 2 images and learn by the Soviet mistakes and a few of ours. According to Colonel Maria Popovich the Phobos infrared cameras picked up a great deal of heat in certain key areas indicating possible underground facilities on Mars. When the Soviet probe was ready to go into orbit of the Martian moon Phobos, an unidentified flying object came up to meet their craft. The ET welcoming team apparently captured the Soviet probe. If you assume ET actually exists your whole approach to visiting Mars changes. Other Mar's missions are now in preparation and much could be done to get them through the ET defenses. Dan Goldin admits privately something is out there. I suggest it might be time to start looking for evidence ET is visiting Earth and Mars on a regular basis. NASA might even want to start examining those so-called ice crystals they keep spotting near the Space Shuttle. Those ice crystals are making 90 degree turns, fly over thunderstorms and suddenly stop. These objects defy the laws of physics if they are not intelligently controlled. It seems odd that our astronauts operating the space shuttle cameras spend time zooming in on these disc shaped ice crystals? I suggest NASA look closely at some of their own videos. They might be surprised at the evidence they have in their own files. The Filer Research Institute will even work on a contingency basis. NASA only has to pay expenses unless our craft get through to Mars. We'll even check to see if your calculations are correct. As a former USAF Intelligence Officer, I'm prepared to brief NASA or anyone else on the ET intelligence situation. Its time to weigh the evidence. We either have incompetent scientists at JPL and NASA or something else is out there causing these failures.



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