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The Year 2000, Y2K and the Alien Connection

by David M. Brown, FIT
MUFON of Georgia

David Brown ( writes:

We all have to be wondering, what is this Y2K really all about? I kind of look at it like a movie that was aired many years ago, back in the 1950s, I believe. Do you remember the movie, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL? There was a message in this movie that was delivered by an alien and his robot counterpart. I will not go through the movie except for the last segment where the alien delivered his message: stop using nukes, live with one another in peace and so on and so on. Of course, during the movie, the alien was able to find a way to bring the world to a standstill for a day. It showed people getting stranded in elevators, cars stopping dead in their tracks, etc., etc. Does this not sound like what is expected on January 1, 2000?

Lets take a look at a few of the theories that have been submitted over the years to look at what the new Millenium and Y2K may bring. First, lets look at the abduction theory a little. I my readings of abduction stories, there have been many abductees who state that the aliens have a message to deliver but the time of the individual aduction, the message was not delivered. Why? They were told that the time was not right and that they would know when it would be delivered. Well, since there seems to be some secrecy behind the real story of Y2K, why would Jan, 1, 2000, not be the right day for the message to be delivered? How is it to be delivered? Well, my opinion for what it is worth, says that the alien message may be delivered on this day. Maybe we will see massive power outages, problems with our water supplies, computer crashes, runs on the banks. But what or who is going to cause these so-called problems? Could there be an alien connection here? I think there is such a possibility.

Second, how about the government cover-up of their ufo phenomenon theory and all the reports of sightings and crash retrievals that they have? I highly believe that Lt. Col. Philip Corso was exact to the point. He was in charge of the "Foreign Technology" Department at the Pentagon. What was so foreign about it? Why could the government not just call it the "Alien Technology" Department and cut to the chase? Col. Corso explained that fiber optics was the invention of alien technology discovered on a downed alien craft in Roswell, New Mexico. Is this possible? Sure it is. Now, lets look at the computer connection.

Third, computers have been around in their present form a long time ago. I strongly believe that computer technology is advancing so quickly because such inventions of micro-circuitry and the like have been around a lot longer than we are led to believe. I remember back in 1991 when I bought my first real computer. It was a 286-12Mhz. It was one of the top of the line systems at the time. Now, today, no more than 8 years later, we have Pentium IIIs, 550Mhz systems. Wow! How quick the human mind works. Are the high-tech individuals getting help in their computer technology inventions? Possibly they are from a source that was once so far away from earth and is now walking the streets among us.

Fourth, lets get back to the government cover-ups. Is it possible that the governments of the world have been keeping quiet for the right time to release their information on the ufo and alien phenomenon? Have the governments of the world been too scared to release their information because of the fear of riots and religious fallout? No, they have not been scared. They have been instructed to wait for the right time to release their information. From whom have they received these instructions? From an alien source most likely.

Fifth and foremost, I think we need to look at the religious ramifications of the ufo and alien phenomenon and its relation to the upcoming millenium and Y2K. We have to look way back at the religious aspects of these phenomenons. Is it not said that the first true alien abductee was Ezekiel with his story of the WHEEL? Is there not mention of alien contact and strange lights in the sky in the Bible? Presently, I am rereading and rereading the Bible, and I believe that there are references to the like. The mention of Angels for one. Could angels not be our alien ancestors from other worlds? Some religious leaders have spoke out on this issue and have come forth to state that they believe in life in other parts of the galaxy. Can we refute these leaders? I am not stating that the Bible is an alien message of some kind, but we have to consider it. Zachariah Sitchin, in his Earth Chronicles, writes about the connection of history of the past and relating it to alien abductions and ufo sightings.

I am presently working on a web page to explain more about the Y2K, the Millenium and the Alien Connection. As soon as it is completed, I will forward it on to UFOCITY.COM for all to see. We all have to take Y2K and Jan 1, 2000 and beyond very seriously. I think we need to be looking more toward the heavens for the message that I see forthcoming on this very important date in human history. If I am wrong, so be it. But, I do not believe that I am.


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