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I am happy to see that someone is trying to prick the governments ears as to the fact that they cannot keep from us what is inherently ours, however, everything in life happens for a reason, so it has been hidden for that reason, for they felt the fear of the population knowing, true many of us are ready, but many are not, and they would undermine the efforts of good because they are not aware of universal truth, and the government has the same knowledge that I, as well as many people do. Everything in life happens according to it's own nature, and you cannot force it on the ones who are not ready, for they could bring great discordance into this reality out of there own fear, there will always be some that are left behind while others achieve enlightenment, it's the course of things, the way, or depending on your belief systems the TAO, remember the fact that all religions say the same things at their core, it is the individual perceptions of the people following & not leading that have changed them & how they are viewed & what they are teaching now, for only a very small part of modern day Christian teachings are telling you what Jesus really taught his disciples, and our western views and society have been undermining our reasons for being, our understandings of who we really are & why we really exist, we in the west want to break down everything to it's smallest components & view how they are different, when we should start understanding that the differences between us are what makes us all the SAME, in the many, we are ONE. I can tell you that BIG change is coming & I FEEL that it is coming very, very soon & if you are as aware as I believe you to be, you might already have some understanding of what is really going on, let it be known it is happening on a global scale, THE time is very rapidly approaching us. The other knowledge you believe to be, that aliens have is not other knowledge at all, it is the knowledge we already have, are having, have had always, infinity. There is nothing that exists in any form in this or any parallel universe that we do not already understand, are you open enough to receive it?, just because your EYES are open does not mean that you are seeing reality for what it is, do not think, feel, and remember that there is no such thing as an accident or a coincidence or deja vu, they are giving you a message, is your mind open enough to remember what it is? Your non UFO Sunday emails make me very happy, & I sit and smile while I read them, for you are spreading the truth about life & how the simple lessons & interactions of pure goodness between people have an astounding and lasting effect, it was a very dear friend of mine that put me on your mailing list, and to him, for that, I am forever grateful, for he is very close to this knowledge that we share about life in this material world and I wish him as well as you and all that exist light & love. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share with you, that we may all be enlightened.



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