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The National Security Agency Deep Space Probes

By Bill Hamilton; Executive Director; Skywatch International, Inc.

Bill Hamilton ( ) writes:

When I served in the United States Air Force in the 1960s I was assigned to the USAF Security Service which reported directly to the NSA. We were not as direct about our mission then as the NSA website is today. As you read below, the NSA is mainly concerned with SIGINT and uses the best radio equipment in the world to tune into the myriad signals transmitted by various military organizations throughout the world. As these organizations want to keep their communications secret from others, the messages are often encrypted so that only the intended receiver can decipher them.

We have heard from various sources that have worked within compartmentalized NSA projects that NSA may also be interested in intercepting not only foreign signals, but signals from extraterrestrial sources in order to maintain national security. We know from documents released from FOIA requests that the NSA has maintained an interest in UFOs. The mission of tapping some type of signal from UFOs operating within or without our atmosphere, or from planetary bases of operation is conceivable.

First, here is a brief on NSA itself:

"The National Security Agency (NSA) was established by Presidential directive in 1952 by President Truman. As a separately organized agency within the Department of Defense (DOD), NSA plans, coordinates, directs, and performs foreign signals intelligence (SIGINT) and information security (INFOSEC) functions. Under a 1986 law, NSA became a combat support agency of the DOD. In a tumultuous world area, the National Security Agency makes crucial contributions to ensure an informed, alert and secure environment for US warfighters and policymakers.

The ability to understand foreign communications while protecting our own--a capability in which the United States leads the world--confers a unique competitive advantage. The skill to accomplish this is cryptology, the fundamental mission and core competency of NSA. Maintaining this global advantage requires preservation of a healthy cryptologic capability in the face of unparalleled technical challenges.

The SIGINT mission allows for an effective, unified organization and control of all the foreign signals collection and processing activities of the United States. SIGINT is a unique discipline with a long and storied past. SIGINT's modern era dates to World War II, and its use is believed to have directly contributed to shortening the war by at least one year. In its SIGINT role, NSA intercepts and analyzes foreign electromagnetic signals--many of them protected by codes, ciphers, and complex electronic, countermeasures--to produce intelligence information for decisionmakers and military commanders.

Just as control of industrial technology was key to military and economic power during the past two centuries, control of information technology will be vital in the decades ahead. INFOSEC professionals go to extraordinary lengths to make sure all classified and sensitive information that is stored or sent through US Government equipment remains impenetrable.

As the world becomes more and more technology-oriented, the INFOSEC mission becomes increasingly challenging. The INFOSEC mission is driven to guarantee vital information by being the preferred provider of leadership, products, and services for NSA's customers and also to be innovative in seeking the technological advantages needed to succeed in the 21st Century."

This was sent out to me by one of my correspondents, R.M.Collins:

"Over the past year there have been a number of intelligence reports to suggest that NSA may have any number of what are termed "Deep Space Probes" some reaching beyond the orbit of Neptune. The real purpose of these space probes has not been determined especially the fact that NSA/OCR is the reported office responsible for tracking these probes: Why then is NSA in deep space when the "threat" as we know it is centered here in the near Earth environment? A, deep space exploration is suppose to be with the jurisdiction of NASA?

The following is a list of NSA probes that have been launched from Earth to points in the inner/outer Solar System since 1985: All information has been provided when possible.

Sting-Ray     Space Shuttle            1985             Monitor deep         
                                      space radio waves: orbit
                                                  beyond Neptune.
Sandal Slipper   no data               1988              Earth Orbit         
                                         Relay for other probes
Amber Light      no data               1988              Orbit beyond        
                                    Titan: Secondary Relay Probe
Cocker-Peak    Atlas rocket              1989               Monitor          
                        "selective" frequencies in deep space
Heaven Flare   no data                   1989              Orbit             
                                           beyond the Moon
Twinkle Eyes   no data                    1992              Orbit            
                       beyond Jupiter: Deep Space Telescope?
Kite Tangle    no data                     no data          no data
"Two other probes?"   no data              no data          no data

Comments: From an NSA source it was reported that one of these NSA Deep Space Probes detected a failed parachute on the Mars' Lander. NSA reported this to JPL but JPL did not inform the public.

And, the "Aliens" are reportedly suppose to have a base on Neptune's moon Triton. One reason perhaps for all the reported NSA Deep Space Probes or to monitor "Alien" activity in our Solar System?


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