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In Defense of David Icke

Francois Pierre ( writes:

Peter, after having been so controversial yourself and "avant-gardist," to spread this letter from Kathy Kasten was almost "disinformation." I have been to David Icke's conference in Ottawa, and it is incredible how "out of context" and "personnal" this lady's claims can be. She's entitled to her opinions (but with an e-mail to UCLA, I wonder how little or how much she knows about her own Institution ?) Is she trying herself to discourage people to go see David Icke and therefore stop him from talking about conspiracy-UFO-et subjects? And most of all...mind control...of which a lot of us seem to be unknowingly the victims. I suggest you go to Http:// and do your homework. You say: "It had been a couple of years since I last heard Icke speak.". (You're lucky to have seen him before. It was the first time I saw him. I found him witted, very well versed on all of these subjects, humorous and good presence on stage. Even though he seemed a bit tired from having had to stay 'till 2 a.m. at the Ottawa airport by Immigration who was trying to prevent him access to the country under false pretenses from the Green Party's flyers, went through everything he had, found nothing against him and were very kind to him the next day). You say: "At that time he was using a degrading term when referring to the people in his audience. "Sheeple!" He no longer peppers his lectures with this term. However, all of the rest of his previous lecture of 4 years ago was there, i.e., "they are stopping everyone from knowing the truth" lecture. " Well, well, you seem to be doing a good job at it and so are many others "party's" who are worried that the "other truth" be spread. David Icke was acting out and making us laugh at ourselves when he was calling the mass, the unthinking followers ruled by fear and ego, the "sheeple." If the LORD is your shepherd, what does that make you? A sheep...a scared one at that. He was NOT demeaning but funny and did even include himself for when he didn't know what was going on...And so was I until I paid the price to find out the truth...or at least some of it. And the truth is much bigger than all of the books you can read at UCLA or whatever U's you can have. You say: "Plus, there is a new addition of a clip from Monty Python's movie "The Life of Brian" to emphasize the message that "everybody should think for themselves." Plus, the same message was repeated with a clip from the movie "Antz."(end of quote). Well, in Antz the message was quite different and universities don't make people to "think for themselves." Unless you answer what they have established as "Truth" or "Reality," you don't graduate. And whichever side you choose, you will be serving them anyway if you serve money or power. Sounds alike. In Antz, the emphasis was that "If only one finds out the truth and rebels, All of the others will light up to it too and rebel...which only means "we will take our personal power back" which is the only power "They" have...You say: "Most of this part of the lecture was a rehash of Jordan Maxwell's material regarding Masonic symbolism, plus researchers like Acharya's information regarding the true nature of Christianity and Laurence Gardner's massive lifetime research into royal bloodlines. All material more thoroughly discussed and intensively researched elsewhere. It would be my suggestion that you read the books of those authors, and others who write about this information for a living." (end of quote). Hey, I'm glad you KNOW all of these guys like Maxell, Acharya and Gardner. But who has the time to read them, and who knew them before he mentioned their names to the audience who were hearing all of this for the first time. At least he is a remarkable investigative journalist who doesn't misquote his interviewees or his sources. You say: " It is claimed that Mutwa is a Zulu shaman. And, the reason David Icke is representing him in America is that Mutwa's religious philosophy supports Icke's contention that a reptilian race is, at this time, interacting with humans. According to Mutwa, this reptilian race has been interacting with humans since the very beginning of human history on the planet." (end of quote). David Icke has a lot of respect for Credo Mutwa, so do I , if I want to give credit to a man who displays heart and knowledge, and the way you "mock" him is an example how "good missionaries" hurried to convert these poor pagans and savages into civilized people and deprive them from their true history and knowledge. Hey you can mock me too 'CAUSE I am an "abductee, contactee, experiencee" call it what you want. I'm still trying to figure it out. But I know what I'm talking about and I haven't read it in some book. This planet has been controlled and monitored for eons. For Love's sake, is there any left in this world or only fear and greed. Truth is not all that "pretty," you know...Sure it's "grand" but parts of it sure seem to be pretty ugly, terrifying or even disgusting. But if you turn your back to "EVIL" it only grows stronger, for if you fear it, you have no power of your own. And you only fear the dark side of your own self, which the "Luciferians" exploit to the max...'CAUSE you'll be finding yourself fighting real hard against that Evil and the show must and will go on... You must be a globalist...hey the idea is good but look who's pulling the strings and will benefit from it...not you and I...the people. To "ignore someone" doesn't mean to "not know" them. It means to "look the other way." And that what we do with truth when it gets scary or uncomfortable, where we have to change our way of thinking, to get out of "our comfort zone." You seem to know a lot about shamanism or "learnt" you say: "My university level studies include archaeology/anthropology. Usually, the real thing is past down to the shaman because it contains the power of all the shaman before him. A replica is not the usual traditional, way a powerful relic is handed down." (end of quote) THERE! That's the problem, I told you it's all these books you've read that still claims that the great Pyramid was built by half-a-million slaves, rolling these blocks on date trees, or building a structure around it to bring the blocks on top. What about Machu Pichu? Dear, the only "real" powers that shamans had came from the artifacts and knowledge that these "sky people" were giving them to oversee on the tribes of the Earth. The other power came from knowing the truth and overcoming the "monsters" of the lower 4th dimension. What you call later in your letter, "the Spirit World"...These artifacts are now resting in the hidden basements of these Institutions, like Museums, Universities, Secret Services, that all must worship so much. David Icke talks also about HAARP and different secret technologies that the average person doesn't know "tilt" about it. Also "how to be aware" of Media Advertisements and their "brainwashing" techniques. He makes a great synthesis of what is being vehiculed in the main "conspiracy et al. streamline. And he gives a fairly good report on Lady Di' murder, 'SSS'cuse me, Lady Di's car crash...90 minutes in the tunnel with a severe internal hemorrhage, come on. And his links with this obsession with bloodlines, dragons (even on top of Notre-Dame's Cathedral, so called Christian Dynastie), the Snake People from all over the cultures of the planet is quite a mind-opening and to say the least interesting and worth it to look into. But with all of your knowledge and with the back of your hand, you swipe all of this off the table as if it were crumbs...And finally after finding a "subtle" way yourself to discredit Credo Mutwa by saying ..."Unless we see Mutwa in the context of his cultural beliefs, other Zulu members unconnected with Mutwa making the same claims, we have only Mutwa's word and Icke's vested interest." (end of quote). Did you know that he claimed also that "they" killed his wife two weeks or so after his interview with Icke and she died of an implant that gave her cancer in three weeks killed her. Good motivation and vested interest to speak up don't you think so? And David is a bit of a savior when it comes to "oppression." And to top it off you say..." Last, but not least, Cathy O'Brien's statements that George Bush turned into a reptile before her very eyes."(end of quote). Mrs. Kathy Kasten, being a poor woman at that, taking the defense of mind-controlled victims of God knows who, being raped and tortured by some of the most powerful persons on the planet, my question is "What do you know of Cathy O'Brian, and Brice Taylor at that and Sullivan at that and Paula Jones at that ?". Have you even read her book "Trance-Formation" of America. Do you know about her struggles? Or do you agree with the FMS (False-memory-syndrome) and all of the people who aggress their children and say that it is so...Probably, Satanism does'nt exist for you? Well, Peter I just couldn't take this one without a rebuff for poor "ole" Icke who does what he can, while he still can to spread what he knows. Like you said before..."it's up to us to go verify," what most skeptics never do and prefer to deny it which give even more power to "THEIR" agendas. Some aren't too pretty. Has she ever bothered to mention about David Icke's spiritual insights and answers and solutions to life, love and personal power. No. So go see for yourself on his site. Read his book The Biggest Secret see his tape...and so what if he succeeds to make a living off of's hard enough to gather 100, even 50 to a conference that talks about "controversial" subjects. Gee wiz, let him spread the good news. Now we know and we ain't scared no more. Much love to you all.




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