Guest Commentary

Toward the New Millenium

by Beverly Shientag
CAUS Marketing Coordinator

As we approach the year 2000, it is important that we take some time to review the past and lessons learned. It is equally important that we step into the new century with renewed conviction and hope. In Buddhism, it has been said, "all moments…past, present and future are one." If this is so, then it is possible that our thoughts and actions…our soul energy…imprints simultaneously in each collective moment. Believing …regardless of religious or non-religious affiliation…that, through each thought, we create our reality, we then, in addition to the perceived responsibility, possess an infinite potential to design and create the world as we wish it to be. Unfortunately, there are those in the universe who do not possess strong spiritual and humanitarian qualities. There are individuals and groups whose negative energy is sustained by an insatiable desire for power. We, in the UFO community view them, with understandable concern, as a government within a government… motivated to protect themselves and their objectives through a pervasive system of subterfuge and lies. They build walls and fences…instead of pathways to knowledge…and think that they are safe and above us all. In their insular domain, they remain spiritually unaware (and unconcerned) that what they have initiated could have serious repercussions for all living things. If we also believe that what we send into the universe, through thoughts, words, and deeds impact on each moment in time, then we can be assured that the ultimate power, for good, is ours to place in motion. We can, through our actions, defeat those who would keep the truth from us. Obstacles are placed before us, but they are not insurmountable. The solutions are within our grasp…their names: courage and tenacity. The freedom to choose our destiny is ours…and it unfolds…exactly as we create it.

On A Personal Note…

On November 4, I witnessed the incredible miracle of birth: my first grandchild. The past two years have been fraught with the inevitable ups and downs of living…an automobile accident, jobs and wages lost, and the death of loved ones. In the birth of a child comes a renewed vision of hope (yet) for humanity. Nothing that life bestows upon us comes with guarantees. The only constant is change. The degree to which any measure of success, dependent on individual perception, can be reached is in direct proportion to what we risk to attain the prize. This past year, along with life's inevitable surprises, I was privileged, to find a lost friend and soulmate. Listening as I do, to the Art Bell Radio Show, every night, I briefly caught the web address of a UFO site: Visiting the site, I learned that the director of CAUS was Peter Gersten and immediately sent him an e-mail inquiring if he was, indeed, my long-lost friend. The rest is history. The CAUS site was being re-designed, I offered to do some research …or anything else that was needed…for this organization and man whom I so greatly admire. And so, what had always been a deep interest, the subject of UFOs and related phenomena, was now catapulted to a level of passion…with a deeper commitment to the CAUS, an intensified desire to learn the truth, and, more so, to make a difference. A social activist all of my life, I also believe, to quote an ancient sage, "a small ripple in the water forever changes the pattern of the sea." May we all seek to move in this direction…

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In Conclusion…

On behalf of CAUS, I want to thank all our members for their generous support. We look forward to a New Year of health, happiness, and well being for all. In this direction, we renew our commitment to bringing the truth to light and creating a safer world for generations to come.



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