Another Year Without the Truth

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The year 2000 comes to a close in a week. Many of us last year thought that maybe there would be some kind of disclosure or at least a break in the coverup. Some of us even fancied a first open contact in the year 2000, only to come to the realization that we are still at square one.(in 53+ years)

The Y2K scare came and went. Chemtrails still fill our skies. Artificial artifacts and anomalies are allegedly being discovered even now as I write on the planet Mars. But just as the anomalies were being discovered on Mars, debunkers, such as our dear friend Philip Klass(ass),did not waste any time disproving them.

Many of us "thought" that NASA might come clean and make some kind of "announcement" that there might be anomalies on the planet Mars that may be artificial. What did NASA give us poor folk?...There may be liquid water on Mars at one time! Duh, the old Viking photographs decades ago indicated that. And if you go to the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)and request information, you will receive documents with a lot to most of the data "blacked out". Why? according to NASA, all those "anomalies can be attributed to "tricks" of light and shadow, natural occurrences or just us wanting something to be there that isn't, wild imaginations and sensationalism.

NASA was supposed to be a civilian operation. Not any more (if they ever were). They are part of the military complex and controlled by the DoD and the shadow government. But all the "NASA bleeding hearts" will never believe that. They are so overwhelmed with the "official data" NASA gives them....the deep space probes, Moon missions, planetary probes, Shuttle missions and so on. NASA and the NSA work hand in hand. If there are no artificial structures and aliens and UFOs, then why all the "national security"? Now, at the closing of the year 2000, we get "the historical closely debated election".

The Democratic Party as well as the Republican Party does NOT run this country, contrary to public opinion. The shadow government, in league with an alien race, in exchange of human beings for advanced technology, DOES run this country. They have since July 1947. This election was just another diversion from what is being done and from what is coming. The media subjected us to day after day coverage of what in reality is little of importance. Roswell, Area 51, Dulce and underground bases, Montauk, HAARP, GWEN, Brookhaven National Laboratory experiments, Sandia corporation, Tesla inventions and its uses, UFOs, Alien abductions, cattle mutilations, crop circles, Artificial artifacts on the Moon and Mars, NASA, the NSA, DoD, CIA, CFR, Illuminati, Skull & Bones, ET technology, the Rockefellers, Bilderbergs, etc...These are just some of the pertinent areas we should Really be concerned about. But, as long as they have the majority of people worried about who the hell is in the White House and how much socialism, communism, and all the other ism's are destroying our poor minds and supposed morality and family virtues, they will keep on getting away with literal murder. The majority of these Americans so wrapped up in this political circus are basically mind controlled sheep being led to slaughter. And the Judas Priest media helps lead them.

Since 1947 any form of government involved in the "alleged cold war" was just diversions from what was going on and from what is about to happen. No button, at any time, was ever going to be pushed. But, it kept us occupied, worried and most of all, unaware of the greatest conspiracy that was being perpetrated against the American people and the human race. The most historical event ever to happen in recorded human history was kept from the whole of humanity by an elite few. And be very wary of who are in the elite few...they are very dangerous.

Some of us know some of the truth, and some of us paid for it with our lives, but we keep the fire lit. Keep your eyes to the sky



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