Guest Commentary

Twenty-three Out of Thirty-one Mars Probes Fail

by George A. Filer

My experience chasing a UFO while in the Air Force has led me to believe that we are not alone in the universe. I attempt to show evidence that supports this belief. Officially, NASA, the US Government, most scientists, and numerous Ufologists feel that I'm wrong, and I admit I may be in error. I certainly could be, but many people who I never thought would agree with my perspective are sending letters of support. By far the hardest people to convince are those who claim to be Ufologists. This phenomena is a valid one that's needs investigation using scientific instruments and research. The phenomena is real and in my opinion the evidence exists in space, on Mars, and here on Earth. The scientific images of a large cylindrical shaped object taken by the Soviet's Phobos 2 scientific mission to Mars is virtually the same cylindrical shaped object described by a witness in the Florida story below. These images and testimony could be used in a court of law and should be considered as scientific evidence as well. The objects are reported by hundreds of witnesses each month. Insiders seem very worried and encourage these reports.

NASA claims they are searching for intelligent life on Mars with something like 15 Billion dollars of the taxpayer's money. I can only assume these are competent scientists with advanced technology.

On December 16, 1999, I phoned Doug Isbelle at NASA Public Relations (407 867-2468) who told me that better than 90 percent of all missions sent into space are successful. He did admit that something like 23 out of 31 probes going to Mars have failed. Only eight got through for a 26% success rate. I explained my theories that someone or something was laying in wait near Mars, and was preventing our space probes from getting through. He stated, "There is not much evidence anything is out there so they are reviewing their technology, computers, mission management, and the craft themselves to determine why Mars missions are jinxed. I told him, I was at one time a Flight Planner, intelligence officer and flyer that planned flights for the President of the US, various military transports and fighters. All flights were successful to my knowledge. If we lost over two-thirds of our aircraft we would have been fired. I suggested that if you even suspect foul play, you must make adjustments in how the mission is flown. There are numerous penetration techniques that might improve our chances of getting through to Mars and save billions of dollars. NASA has already announced that bacterial life once existed on Mars. Perhaps it has grown up? Furthermore, the 1989, last images from the Soviet Phobos mission showed a huge cylinder UFO closing on the Phobos spacecraft just before it stopped operating. Doug stated, "That was an old Soviet mission to Mars and not really of any interest to NASA." He assured me that they have decreased the cost of each mission down from the billion dollars each, and that the newer missions are much more reasonable. I wish to point out that Soviet Colonel Maria Popovitch, one of the world's most famous test pilots appeared on the television show Hardcopy with a video of a long cigar shaped object that apparently caused the failure of Phobos 2. Photos of the UFO can be seen on my Webpage. Hit, : "Is ET capturing our Mars Spacecraft?" at the top of the page.


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