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I have seen the videos of the alleged red UFO flying saucer flap here in Arizona and my objective conclusion is: If it looks like a plane and flies like a plane, then it is a plane. The videos of the alleged UFO, lovingly called "Bubba", record the typical blinking red light of a plane and the motions of the alleged UFO are not unusual but are very typical of a plane. Furthermore, no size, distance, or speed measurements were scientifically or logically derived from what has been posted about it and what little estimates were given were inconsistent with the reports, ie -- an object 20 feet in diameter and 2000 feet in the air would appear as a very very star and not a very small red dot. If the alleged object were as low and as big as claimed, many more *thousands* of people would have called it in as they normally do whenever something strange appears in the sky (like the NASA weather balloon that appeared in October of this year), but they did not. Only a small handful of *believers* were the ones to "see" it.

I personally believe Bubba is a hoax and the believers are bluffing. As I've asked before on this very subject, why do people take apparent UFO propaganda like this, so seriously and without question? Is it any wonder then, that the UFO community has such an apparently poor reputation for being realistic and objective, when the UFO media appears to report ANYTHING you want to tell them, without regard to reasonable questioning of the alleged facts of the matter? Reports like the red UFO one can only seem to further damage what I view as the UFO community's already poor reputation, but I am starting to wonder if the UFO community even gives a damn about reality or their reputation?



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