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Some Thoughts by Tim Cooper

Tim Cooper ( writes:

I read Colonel Alexander's comment on John Mack's shift in thinking on the abduction phenomenon and I agree. As you know, I have been involved in the search for some answers to the Majestic material for some time and have reached some tentative conclusions for the non-physical based on reasons outlined below:

1. The CIA and NSA have withheld information that involves COMINT not SIGINT.

2. The USAF never published Special Reports 1-13.

3. Project BLUE BOOK considered the Biblical documents in their research for historical references to the modern UFO era for comparisons.

4. Vallee's research has been used as models by the CIA.

5. Unofficial disclosure of religious (spiritual) anomalies are associated with close encounter with UFO's have been made.

I have had some candid exchanges with two well informed sources who suggest that religions could suffer the most from actual contact based on psychological studies. Government agencies, from what I have been told, have struggled with the problem for decades of releasing this kind of information and that they don't have the answers. Barry Downing mentioned a scenario in his book THE BIBLE AND FLYING SAUCERS (1997 edition) on page 48. Though I have approached this subject down the middle, the evidence, in my mind, tends to lean in this direction.

I have also been told by a knowledgeable expert that some of the recent nighttime sightings are RPV's (Remote Piloted Vehicles) being tested by the army when they attach chemical lights (red, green and blue) to these vehicles. Some of the triangel-shaped objects are man-made aircraft. Though I have no documentation to back up this statement, this is what I have been told.


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