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1) On the Mars Space Probes:

The Voyager space probes that were sent out into deep space are ancient history to young people these days. Probes have been sent out into vast distances of space, to examine the planets of the Solar System with great success. They have been programmed to photograph the distant outer planets and their moons with intricate accuracy, using the various planet's gravity to accelerate and change the trajectory of the vehicles so that they could intercept each planet. That in itself is a tremendous feat, much less landing a probe on the Moon and Venus.

Men walked on the Moon THIRTY YEARS ago WITHOUT the technology we have today in our computer systems. They went there and they ALL came back...that is history. Recently NASA's Public Relations stated that BETTER THAN NINETY PERCENT (90%!) of ALL missions sent into space are successful.

Something like 23 out of 31 probes sent to Mars have failed. Something like 8 probes got through for a TWENTY-SIX PERCENT (26%!) rate. Is it just me or does anyone OUT THERE that may read what I write think that something is amiss here? Is there something wrong with this picture? I think a double digit IQ moron would even have somewhat of an idea much less than us intelligent rational individuals. But still we accept NASA's pitiful accounts of what may have transpired to cause these failures. I have 2 scenarios:

1. These probes have NOT failed and we are being lied to.

2. Something or someone is interfering with them and causing them to malfunction. (On Earth, on the Planet Mars itself or UFOs in the area of the planet...such as the alleged {photographed} UFO that destroyed the Russian probe). Whatever it is NASA is not talking. Whatever is happening we have a right to know about it....not just because it is our money that builds and sends these probes BUT the implications of what is going on for the human race. This ongoing 50+ years of lies, deceit and covering up must end...By whatever means it takes...WHATEVER. TOGETHER we can stop the lies.

Keep your eyes to the sky

2) On ETs:

It may well be that a race has the ability to traverse the different dimensional realms, but I would think that it would be presumptuous to regard all UFOs and races with this ability or dimensional origin.

The same government which is dragging out your lawsuit is the same manipulative system that aligned itself with this malevolent race of beings. I think that we are about the same age since I was drafted to Vietnam in 1965. I began serious research around 1972 for a series of personal experiences and one which involved a long period of "lost time"...about 27 years ago. The extraterrestrial abducting race is a physical entity which does make mistakes and leaves trace evidence. The government has plenty of it and reverse engineering has jump started our technology at a fantastic rate.

Many researchers nowadays are "lumping" their anomalous data into dimensional theory and conjecture which I feel is not quite accurate. UFOs do crash or are "shot" down and leave evidence...we just don't see it. Roswell, South Africa and Brazilian crashes are cases that I feel give credence to extraterrestrial vehicles since there were bodies and debris collected but "hidden" from public view. The vast amount of disinformation and store bought morons such as Philip Klass keep the UFO community at odds and constantly varying their theories. Dulce exists as well as underground bases or tunnels and the government has "more than enough" physical evidence of extraterrestrial life forms and knowledge of their "home turf."

Some people have had implants which are still being considered not of this earth. The grey race as well as the reptilian race have been here long before we wrote our Constitution and had plenty of time to conceal their existence...but they do make mistakes.

At one time I was a skeptic...proved wrong.

At one time I thought there were no aliens...proved wrong.

At one time I thought they were benevolent...proved wrong.

Each time I get knocked down I get back up, and keep on delving for the truth. Out of all the wrong ideas or beliefs that I have come to a conclusion on, I learned one thing: Never come to a definitive resolution and then reject or discard or put aside other data or ideas.

There is NO one answer, and I for one are not "awed" at this alien presence. I resent them and their intrusion and know that their agenda is NOT in our best interest...Now, THAT I know from personal experiences, first hand accounts... where I can deduce their reasons for their actions and their origin from my own experiences.

They are not "gods," DNA creators, spiritual leaders or ghosts from another dimension. They are criminals, rapists, thieves, liars, kidnappers and murderers. That is not indicative of an advanced technological race. That is analogous to having your whole family wiped out and saying, "it's God's plans, who knows his mysterious ways, have faith brother"...bullshit, that makes Him a criminal too then, "IF," he indeed is responsible.

OK, I walk out the door and find genuine undeniable physical evidence of an alien craft, body, etc....Where do I take it? Who do I call? Who do I trust? Will I be murdered? I think the fictional character Fox Mulder says it best...

"Trust No One".

Keep your eyes to the sky.


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