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UFO Reports

Wingless Egg-Shaped UFO Seen in Texas

Source: Filer's Files 12-2001; March 21, 2001
Majorstar@aol.com  http://www.filersfiles.com. 

COVINGTON -- While working Sunday, February 25, 2001, with my computer upstairs, I had an unobstructed view to the S.W. through two large windows at 5:45 PM when I happened to notice an unusual contrail arcing toward the North from the direction of Waco.  As a former commercial pilot, with instrument and multiengine ratings, I noticed that this particular contrail had a base, which appeared over the apparent SW horizon, and the angle was so steep (probable 60 degrees) that it immediately caught my attention.  I went to the window for further investigation (thinking, perhaps this is an airliner in distress--when much to my amazement, this object did an abrupt vertical ascent from a fixed point.  That's right, no pull up with a normal curve at contrail bottom.  I'm talking about a change of direction, speed and ascent almost instantaneously to the vertical-90 degrees ascent and it accelerated as it went forward.  Since the sun was setting in the clear Western sky and this contrail and object was clearly visible, especially since it was reflecting in varying intensities as it passed through our upper atmosphere.  I caught a very good reflection of the object with binoculars.  It had no wings and was egg shaped, (not tubular like a missile).  It was metallic silver with reflectivity of brightly polished chrome.  It was at 25-30 thousand feet range when I first saw it.  As it accelerated upward, the contrail was not continuous, but rather periodic as if it were passing through different temperatures.  

I watched it till it disappeared from the sky still in a vertical ascent. Good God; I thought this might have been a missile launch the way this craft behaved.  The only major military base is Fort Hood, located a 100 miles south.  President Bush's Texas compound is 60 miles south.  My parents saw a portion of the contrail that went vertical and they were amazed as to the phenomena.  Hope this wasn't Saddam's avowed first attempt at retribution. If it was however, our missile defense worked, because I'm still here to report this sighting.  There was no sound involved in this incident. From now on, I will replace the binoculars with a video camera.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC www.ufocenter.com who spoke with this witness and found him to be credible. 

Editor's Note: Perhaps it was "the angel rides in a whirlwind and directs this storm," that President Bush twice discussed in his inaugural address.